Have you ever caught yourself looking at the stars for no reason? If you have, I bet you have wondered, “where does my soul come from?” 

Have you ever felt that Earth might not be your soul’s original home? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you could be a starseed.


Starseeds or light beings sound very hippyish; however, if you were to find the truth behind our energy signatures, you would know that there is some truth. We know that incarnation plays a significant role in increasing the possibility as well.

If you are not sure, then take this starseeds quiz/Test.

Which gemstone most appeals to your spiritual nature?

Which dominant personality traits best describe you?

Which recreational activities most appeal to you?

Which profession/career most appeals to you?

Which of the following words has the most emotional affect on you?

Which color combination has the most emotional affect on you?

Which culture are you most instinctively attracted to?

Which gift to Humanity do you feel has been the most to its’ emotional well being?

How would you describe your normal work practices?

Which traits do you most dislike in others?

If you had to change the color of the sky, which color combination would you choose?

Which flower best describes your personality?

Which type of movie are you most likely to go out and pay to see?

When a problem presents itself, which way do you respond?

Which famous person do you most admire?

Which of these statements do you most commonly say?

Which Light Being Are You? (Starseed Quiz)

You are an Andromedan and you seek freedom. There is a deep inner thirst and drive that leads You to search for this feeling of freedom. You may change jobs, homes or relationships in your search. At some point, you will realize that the freedom you are seeking, and the feelings you often have of being trapped are not due to your actual circumstances. The true freedom you seek comes only from within you. It is found only by developing your self love, and the inner spiritual self. Other than that you are very capable being, you work hard, teaching, sharing knowledge, you are very creative and allow yourself to grow in other areas.

You are an pleiadian being. You are someone who has big visions and great communication skills, you motivate people into your grand schemes. You like to motivate people with the motto, Just do it. You live by this motto. Once you see the great beautiful vision, you are on the go. You tend to jump at your grand visions. even if it means using shifty and mean methods. Your biggest asset is your communication skills. You are good at selling your ideas with great vision and sense of humor. You are very enthusiastic about life, your a great charmer.

You are an Arcturian being. You have strong personality, deep inner strength and knowing within you. On the surface you appear strong, capable and powerful. There is a feeling from childhood of having an important purpose in your life, but you don't know what that is yet. You are very creative. You use your creative flow on writing, art, designing or creating in some ways. You are very good public speaker, have good sense of timing and humor, you enjoy making others laugh.

You are a Sirian being. As an individual you are very focused, very determined and you follow through whatever the task or path you are on. It's very difficult for others to change your mind, you are someone who wants to see things through and completed. As a sirian being you have strong beliefs, ideals and personal integrity. You are loyal as a friend, trustworthy but you expect the same in return. However you do become disillusioned when these expectations are not met. So you stay reserved and you don't share your inner personal self with others easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Starseeds

In this FAQ, I will try to answers all the questions that are commonly asked about starseeds.

Q: What Is A Starseed?

Answer: We all know that feeling of deep longing to be somewhere else. Maybe you’ve been told you are an old soul, or maybe it is just your intuition telling you that this isn’t where you belong.

Well if any of these things sound familiar, then there might be a chance that you could be what people call a starseed.

Someone who originated from other planets and realms and possesses knowledge dating back hundreds of thousands of years!

However, when starseeds come to Earth, they often forget their true origins.

Q: How Do You Know If You Are A Starseed?

You can tell if you are a starseed if you have any of the physical or mental signs.

  • You have a deep longing to explore outer space.
  • Your intuition is stronger than most people you know and often feels more accurate.
  • You feel different like there’s something about you that sets you apart from everyone else.
  • Your dreams of Earth are vivid and they may look completely unlike the life everyone lives and sees in your time.
  • You feel like you’re an old soul, even though you don’t know what that means to other people. You feel like you don’t belong here on Earth.
  • You’re sensitive to the energies of other people and animals, even without having any previous experience with them.
  • Your skin is more reactive than most people you know.
  • You may be experiencing a lot of physical discomforts such as back pain or headaches since you got here on planet Earth where things are heavier.

Starseed Symptoms

Here are the symptoms you may experience if you are a starseed.

  • Feeling lost in your life
  • Feeling like you don’t belong on Earth
  • Anxiety or depression over the unpleasantness of reality
  • Having a deep longing to go home and not knowing where that is.
  • You’re sensitive, compassionate, and very spiritual in nature. You have an old soul presence but wish to remember who you really are.

If you have any of these symptoms, or you feel like an old soul and feel you have more to offer humanity with your spiritual experience, it’s a good idea to do some research and find out if you are actually a starseed.

You may not know this, but many of the great philosophers in history were actually Starseeds who came here on their mission.

Buddha is an example of one such person. These people have come to Earth from other planets with advanced knowledge.

Q: What Is A Starseed Awakening?

Answer: Many Starseeds come to Earth without knowing who they are, it’s only through their awakening or activation that they are able to remember their purpose.

Others have come with a mission from other planets or realms, and are made to forget it when they get here on Earth; this is the awakening of their soul’s true identity so that they may fulfill this mission.

The fluctuations in our natural electromagnetic fields have been causing many Starseeds to forget who they are and why they’ve come to Earth.

Many starseeds are having to deal with the earth’s energy whether it’s positive or negative.

Many Starseeds have said that the ascension of our planet has been making it difficult for them to remember their mission.

Q: How Does Starseed Activation work?

Answer: Starseed awakening or activation happens by making contact with the Starseed’s original soul group, which is composed of other beings that have come to Earth on a similar mission.

Starseed activation also works by rapidly progressing through spiritual knowledge or by having an inner advanced soul connection.

The starseed’s purpose is to help Earth evolve and grow spiritually.

Spiritual evolution is key to a Starseed awakening to their true mission, but so is finding others on the same soul journey.

Q: What Are Starseed Birthmarks?

Answer: Some Starseeds are born with a birthmark in the shape of a pentagram or star.

They might also have an unusual mole, birthmark, freckle etcetera that draws attention to their body.

How common is this?

It’s not uncommon for people to be born with features that originate from their home planet.

This is because DNA sometimes has a way of retaining ancient markers from past lives or other planets and realms.

What does this mean?

It means that these people were born here but are not truly earthlings in the sense they originated on another planet, which explains why they might experience certain difficulties when it comes to life on Earth.

Q: Where Do Starseeds Originate From?

Answer: Starseeds originate from many constellations, but more to the fact they come from many corners of the universe. The most known ones are Andromeda, Pleiades, and Sirius.

Andromeda: the most known constellation where Starseeds originate from because of its large size and bright stars. Many starseeds are from andromeda because it’s closer to our galaxy.

Pleiades: This is the place where the most ancient starseeds originate from.

Sirius: The starseeds that originate from here are often the most advanced and highly evolved, as they come from a more enlightened plane of existence.

Lyra: Starseeds that come from here are often very highly evolved spiritually and come to Earth with a mission.

Orion: Starseeds from here are exceptionally strong in science, especially physics. They have the ability to see into other dimensions because of this strength.

Cygnus: The starseeds that originate from Cygnus are empaths, and are often the most sensitive.

Q: What Are The Types of Starseed?

Answer: The answers are as follows.

Pleiadian Starseed

There are many types of starseeds. The most common type is the Pleiadian starseed, which are said to be from a group of stars in our Galaxy called the Pleiades.

Arcturian Starseed

Another popular type is the Arcturian Starseed which are believed to originate from one of 15 known constellations.


There are also Sirians who come mainly from two nearby stars Sirius A and B from the constellation Canis Major respectively.

Lyran Starseeds

Lyran starseeds are from the constellation Lyra and are said to be more advanced than most starseeds.

Terran Starseeds

Terran Starseeds can come from anywhere in our solar system but they have the hardest time remembering their origins because of how difficult it is for these types of starseed to stay here on Earth without awakening or activated.


There are many other less common varieties as well such as Andromedan, Pleiadian-Andromedian hybrids, Sirians who are also Lyrans/Arcturians mixed breeds, etc.

Old Souls

The final category includes those people who simply have had past lives on another planet or realm altogether like Atlantis or Lemuria as well as incarnates with more than one soul line (reincarnation) here on Earth.

You may not always know what type you might be since some people experience different stages before awakening completely (often with no memory at all) so just keep an open mind about the possibilities!