Not all the fingers on our hands are equal, and the same goes with all the Zodiac signs. All 12 of them are very different when it comes to socializing or meeting people.

There is a reason for this unusual behavior pattern and why people behave in a particular way. The personalities of different Zodiacs are governed by the stars ruling their horoscope. Some are very extrovert, outspoken whereas some prefer to stay in their shell and are introvert. Some are always game for partying and have a large group of friends while some hang out only with their close-knit friends.


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The answer to the question about our personality or our behavior lies in our zodiac sign.

There are certain characteristics for each zodiac sign which can categorize them as introverts or extroverts. We have put together six Zodiac Signs which can be considered extremely introvert and shy. Take a look.


Virgos are probably the most introvert among all the zodiac signs. Virgos hate attracting unnecessary attention and are not comfortable to speak up in public. They hate the drama and do not like the limelight at all.


Virgos are good listeners and can advise more rather than speaking. They take their own sweet time to open up and be friendly. This is the reason they have only a few friends.

The exciting part is that Virgos know what they want in their life, but sometimes it is difficult for them to move out and chase their dreams. They also tend to overthink a lot about each and everything, and these worries take their confidence away.


Pisces are extremely shy. They tend to feel awkward and worry a lot, and that is why they are considered introvert. Pisces face a lot of problems in putting themselves amongst a group of people and in the situations where they feel they are not much aware of.

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They find the world inside their mind more interesting rather than the world outside. They also prefer to be alone and do not like to be a part of social get-togethers.

But, once they become your friends, you have got a friend for life. They are extremely close to the people they care about.


Capricorns tend to be in their own shell, keep to themselves and avoid getting into any negative drama. They prefer to stay aloof and do not like to gossip and be a part of any melodramatic situation. They are one of the shyest of all zodiac signs.

Only the selected few lucky people get an entry into the lives of Capricorn, but none of them can get to know them in and out. They focus on quality rather than quantity and like Pisces, Capricorns also give an impression of a self-centered and rude person, but it is not the case.


Cancerians are very introvert and shy mainly due to their insecurities. They are also very sensitive and emotional and tend to get hurt easily. Their fear of getting hurt does not allow them to open up to everyone that easily.

Moreover, they get deeply attached to the people they care about so they take extra care in getting to know someone better so that they do not end up regretting later. Although this water sign is extremely emotional, but, they do not show their emotions that easily.

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One can never get what is going on in the mind of a Cancer. They take a lot of time to open up, a week approximately to unwind. They have artistic inclination like dancing, singing and once they are enjoying the same, they invite people over for the party.

Cancerians are driven and governed by many emotions which can have both positive and negative effects. Scorpio

Scorpio finds it really tough to open up to strangers or new people. Their emotions run really deep and it is very difficult to understand what is going on in their mind.


They absolutely hate to talk about their feelings and feel very uncomfortable when they get into a room full of strangers.

They are highly secretive and never share everything even with people who they are close to. But, Scorpions tend to be very bubbly and vivacious with their close pals and absolutely enjoy their company.


Taurus can be considered slightly introvert as they like to stick to a particular group and hang out with them. They feel embarrassed in unusual and unexpected situations and may feel a little anxious at social gatherings.

Taureans are excellent listeners and this is the reason that their friends look up to them for advice and guidance.

They are homebodies and prefer staying at home rather than partying every now and then. But, when they decide to have a good time, they party like no one else. They are shy but they always speak their mind.

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