Cats are common symbolic animals across all cultures, and have been since the first cats were domesticated – or rather, domesticated themselves.

The white cat, in particular, has a lot of meaning for the spiritual person.

So we have put together this guide to white cat symbolism and the meaning behind the furry felines.

White Cats Symbolise Purity & Cleansing

White has long been the colour used to represent cleansing and purity. It is the reason that doctors wear white coats.

Many religions use white to represent the purity of the human soul.

The white cat holds all of this symbolism and manifests it. Some cultures believe that a white cat can help to heal the sick simply with their presence; however, it is their low-frequency energy vibrations in their purr that, is a “natural healing mechanism”.

Prompting some cultures to encourage cats to congregate around their sick and injured.

White Cats Symbolise Spirits & Spirituality

White, black and grey cats have been linked many times with the spirit world, and it is said that spirits often inhabit these types of cat.

The white cat, in particular, is thought to be a manifestation of a spirit guide, here to help us on our spiritual journey.

So if a white cat approaches you and tries to befriend you, you might take a moment to consider if this is a manifestation of a spirit guide here to offer you guidance.

In fact, taking that white cat on as a pet can work wonders for your spiritual practice. White cats are known to enhance spiritual practice, helping you to receive energy and guidance from the astral plane more easily.

White Cats Symbolise Peace & Tolerance

Anybody who has ever owned a white cat knows that they are very peaceful, calm and tolerant.

This speaks to an instinctual understanding of the universe that the white cat possesses, an intuitive sense that the best way to be is at peace with the world.

We can learn a lot from this symbolism, learning to let the things that don’t matter go from our minds and to remain balanced and resistant to the problems of life.

We should not be quick to anger, but neither should we be too ready to enjoy things. The white cat tells us that a glass of wine in the evening is fine, but two bottles every afternoon is not.

White Cats As Omens

Finally, the white cat has been widely regarded as a good omen.

It is said that when white cats visit a home, the owners can look forward to good fortune in the coming days. This usually means money and wealth, though it might also mean professional success or good luck in love.

On the other hand, angering a white cat can bring awful luck indeed, seeing as how it is so difficult to do.

So those are the symbolic meanings of white cats. Do you know of any white cat symbolism that we have missed? Have you had a spiritual experience with a white cat recently?