White is the color of purity and clearance – white cat symbolism is the same. White cats symbolize happiness, virtue, and good fortune.

White cats offer a clean slate, a bare canvas to create whatever we desire.

Because most are deaf at birth the boldest symbol of a white cat is to listen without hearing.

White cats show us we can tune into another frequency to understand what is happening around us.

We are all psychic beings, we just need to tune into that part of ourselves.


White cats feel energy waves instead of hearing energy waves and so can we.

There is also a sweetness and naivety regarding a pure white cat.

Overall, the cat is the symbol of patience, freedom, independence, sensuality, mystery, curiosity, and rebirth.

Cats are adventurous animals; they spend most of their time either exploring things or sleeping.

However, you will find that white cats will stay closer to home and closer to their humans.

They have been living with humans for centuries, and during every era, cats are domesticated for particular purposes.

Ancient Egyptians are said to have domesticated cats to catch mice and snakes.

This is true, but I believe they also connected to their psychic feline friends as well.

White cat symbolism is a quite diverse topic. Here are some of the things that white cats symbolize.


It is said that cats have nine lives and every life is a sign of a new beginning. White cat signifies rebirth like any other cat.

Good luck and Bad luck: White cats are widely considered as the symbol of good luck.

This is a bit of an antiquated idea, mainly because the opposite of white is black and so many people say black cats as bad luck.

I guess it depends on whether you believe in luck or not.

I don’t believe in luck being a random thing granted here and there, I believe luck is cultivated by the way we are.

If you produce negative energy in all you do and are, then you will have bad luck.

If you stay positive and do good things always, you will be protected.

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In many countries of the world, white cats are a symbol of positivity.

If you encounter them on the road, you will get success in whatever you are going to do.

Cats are extremely perceptive and won’t go to anyone angry or full of hate.

Have you ever tried to catch a cat that did not want to be held? It is virtually impossible.

You must be still, sit down and wait for a cat to want to be near you.

You must be calm and have love and goodwill in your heart for a cat to love and snuggle with you.

But, it is not necessary that every region of the world consider them as a good luck charm.

In some countries, encountering a white cat on the road is the symbol of problems and troubles.

Mainly in the UK, they aren’t considered as good luck.

Most white cats are born deaf, so it is not ideal for them to be out and about on a road.

Shy and Calm

As white cats are considered to be more shy and calm, they are said to be the symbol of tolerance and control.

That is the main idea you can take from this part of white cat symbolism, develop calm and take your time to trust others.

Like any being that has one less sense than others, they develop other senses to compensate.

White deaf cats are more cautious of people than other color cats.

Cats are psychic and white cats have an extra dose of this gift that they have developed over decades of breeding.

People who have white cats in their lives are more likely to withstand the harshness of life in the best possible way.

Money and Prosperity

If a white cat visits your home, it is considered that money is coming to you.

This is all over the internet, but if we take a closer look we can see that the white cat is attracted because they can feel that you are a good soul.

People say that white cats bring wealth but I think it is just good energy the cats feels and are attracted to it.

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It is believed that you will get more money and success in the times to come.

Maybe it is more of the fact that you are calm and thoughtful, less likely to mess up your life.

Sign of achievements

In Mediterranean countries, it is a common belief that if a white cat favors a child, then it means that the life of this child will be full of goodness and achievements.

This could be very true, however again, I believe it is the extra sense of the white cat picking a beautiful soul to spend time with.


White cats like most cats love to spend most of their time sleeping.

Cats are hugely active in the astral realm and dreaming is the quickest and most comfortable way to enter it.

If you see a white cat around, it could also mean that you need to have a break from whatever you are doing.

It also symbolizes that sleep is essential and you should think about it as well.

Don’t be so harsh on yourself and take yourself lightly.

Support and Healing

White cats are human supporters. They have their connection with nature and spirits, and thus they tell the humans to use their power to heal.

White cats seem not only cute, but they possess great spiritual powers. They are known to enhance the psychic powers of their owner.

You don’t see a pure white cat every day but when you do, see clearly and try to decipher the message it is giving you.

But overall, the white cat is a sign of positivity, no matter what they are being considered as in different parts of the world, they are the symbol of good luck and happiness.

I would like to add that seeing any color cat is a good sign. If you ever see a cat needing your assistance, please help.

A good deed done to any animal is beautiful energy for your soul to carry. Please help not harm any animal.