White chakra energy is pure, powerful and symbolises oneness in the universe. It is generally found in activated Crown chakras, and for the truly enlightened can appear as a halo.

The Crown chakra is the seventh and final primary chakra.

So if you want to know what the Crown chakra does and why it glows with white energy, read on:

The Crown Chakrawhite aura color

The Crown chakra sits at the top of the chakra system. Located on the top of the head (the crown), this energy centre is associated with metaphysics, consciousness, oneness and unconditional love.

Activating and bringing the Crown chakra in to balance is usually the last step in ascension meditation, and doing so can take you to higher dimensions of consciousness.

Of course, it usually takes a lifetime of practice to achieve this, but we can all benefit from caring for our Crown chakra.

A blocked Crown chakra can turn the white auric glow to a duller grey.

This can cause a feeling of being disconnected from your soul. On the other hand, overactivation can cause you to obsess over the spiritual and the transcendental, neglecting your physical needs.

Healing White Chakra Light

The reason the Crown chakra glows white and is associated with white light is that it represents our soul in totality.

That is, it is made up of all wavelengths of light, all the colours of the rainbow.

When the Crown chakra is healthy and active, it glows white in the aura. When this light is pure, it can indicate ascension, rising vibrations, enlightenment and awakening.

This also happens when we meditate on oneness and universal consciousness.

Connecting to the universe in this way absorbs energy into the chakra system, which is responsible for that nervous feeling we get from thinking about the scale of the Universe we are in.

In this way, considering our place in the Universe and connecting with universal consciousness has an active healing effect on all of our chakras.

White Chakra Halo

Many religious depictions of angels, saints and prophets show them with a halo.

While this is mostly artistic license, it is common for those who have achieved true spiritual enlightenment to gain an auric halo.

This type of halo is visible in the same way as the aura.

It doesn’t denote holiness, piety or anything religious at all. The halo is simply the natural state of an active, healthy crown chakra in the process of ascension.

Those who have ascended are referred to as the ascended masters – and the white energy of the Crown chakra is their calling card.

While most of us will never achieve that level of enlightenment, there is no doubt that we should follow the teachings of the ascended masters by privileging the Crown chakra.

So that was the Crown chakra and the white energy that represents it. Do you see a lot of white in your aura, or even someone else’s? Have you seen the white chakra halo for yourself?