Different theories regarding the meaning of orbs have surfaced in the recent past. Some say that orbs are a testament to the existence of spirits, while others are highly sceptical about their function and purpose.

No one can say for sure whether spirits reside in orbs, or can manifest themselves through them, but most of the spirit sightings have been reported in places, where orbs have been mysteriously present.

This statistic can’t be shunned merely as a mere coincidence. There is a link between spirituality and orbs that humans tend to overlook.

Utmost belief can and intuitive focus can help you understand the meaning of the orb that you’ve visualised.

People have sighted orbs in photographs since the integration of celluloid films in portable cameras.

Orbs usually show up in photographs when the flash feature is used. Most of the videos have hinted that orbs are always mobile—like they are travelling to a specific destination.

Most of the orbs have a circular shape, but smear and rectangular shaped orbs also exist. These beams of light are speculated to be the carrier vehicles of our souls.

Most sceptics, however, believe that orbs form because of contaminants, such as dust and pollen in the atmosphere, and therefore have a dim visibility.

White or Silver Orb meaning

The interpretation of different orbs varies in various belief systems. Most of the people who study orbs define them by spirituality.

White and silver orbs are a link to a higher power. Some interpreters believe that white orbs show themselves when a spirit body has an unfinished business in this world and requires your assistance to resolve it once and for all.

It means that the spirit still hasn’t departed from the material plane, and is wandering aimlessly to find someone who can help him out in his hour of need.

White and silver orbs also protect us from evil and sinister lurkers. They take us under their wings and make sure that we steer clear of imminent dangers.

They can also be regarded as our guardians. They are a source of peace and serenity to people who get the lucky chance to witness it.

Many people believe that white orbs indicate a healthy and long life. They are thought to protect individuals as well as groups.

If there have been frequent sightings of white orbs in a certain area, then it means that it is for the safekeeping of a divine presence.

The special thing about orbs isn’t the gleaming light that emanates from them, but their presence, and what that presence means to you.

White orbs can have different meanings. It all depends on what they signify for you.

You have to focus and listen to the voice inside of you to understand what the white orb is trying to convey to you.