The White Owl is an animal with strong symbolism across many different cultures.

If the White Owl is your animal totem, you can be expected to have a lean towards connecting with natural wisdom, insight and intuitive vision.

Let’s take a look at the symbolism of the White Owl and what having this beautiful nocturnal bird as an animal totem means for you.

White Owls, A Totem Of Wisdom

The White Owl perches on a tree branch in the dead of night, surveying its surroundings with perfect dark vision.

Shadows play on the grass as the wind rustles the leaves.

It pays no attention to these distractions – it knows what it looks for, and won’t be cheated out of its opportunity to succeed.

Having the White Owl as your totem imbues you with a natural ability to see through the lies and misinformation that we see every day.

This includes your own emotions, which can cloud your judgement.

When this happens, calling upon your White Owl totem to guide you can help to clear the fog so that you can see the truth through the lies.

White Owls, A Totem Of Intuition

The White Owl’s wisdom does not come from intelligence – it comes from instinct.

As it soars over the fields looking for mice, it does not stop mid-flight to ponder its next move.

It already knows what it is doing out of pure instinct.

Your White Owl totem empowers you to trust your instincts and your intuition – that is, to trust your gut feelings.

Second guessing yourself often leads only to decision paralysis.

Call upon your totem to help you to be confident in your convictions.

White Owls, A Totem Of The Night

Just as the White Owl hunts at night while others sleep, your most productive and creative hours are when the sun is below the horizon.

Not everybody is a morning person – some of us are barely afternoon people – so this totem empowers you to see through the misinformed who claim that night people are just lazy.

Call upon your totem when the sky is dark, and your creative juices begin to flow.

This will help you to get the most out of your productive hours.

Access Your Inner Wisdom With Your White Owl Totem

Sometimes you will need to make a big decision that you feel unprepared about even starting to figure out.

Your White Owl totem exists purely for this type of situation.

Find a place for meditation and call upon your White Owl totem.

Allow the spirit to enter you, and connect with it.

Visualise yourself as the White Owl, soaring through the night Feel the wind buffet your wings and the creatures below scatter for shelter.

From this vantage point, that big decision will seem much, much easier.

The answer will appear obvious – after all, it was within your intuition the entire time.

Taking full advantage of your White Owl totem will bring you the joy of instinctive certainty in a world that seems increasingly divided and uncertain.