Who Are The Reptilians On Earth?

Who are the reptilians on Earth? Reptilians have been mentioned by many who have been abducted for hundreds of years, so where do reptilians come from? Some would contend that Reptilians were Earth evolved beings who expanded out into the cosmos and others claim that they come from the Draco constellation. From the many have been contacted, information has been gathered to find the truth regarding the origins of the reptilian aliens, about their intentions and who they are.



How did the reptilians on earth Evolve?reptilians on earth

There’s much truth to the opinions of Earth evolved Reptilians, but it’s not how many understand it to be. Reptilians have evolved in separate planets, one being the planet near the brightest star in the draco constellation, draconis and the other being our planet Earth. From those two planets that are distant, two distinctly different races of Reptilians would evolve and would help shape our planet and civilization as we know it today. As the two reptilian races evolved, some claim that earthly reptilians were peaceful and good and the draconian reptilians that evolved with a warrior spirit were known to be evil.

Reptilians in the Draco system are deceiving and manipulative. These Reptilians are so advanced that, like Arcturians, they’ve surpassed the physical limits of the material bodies. Reptilians from the draco get their nutrients by ingesting energy, most of their food source is negative or evil energy. This fact that is inherent makes the Reptilian Aliens in the Draco Constellation as having an evil agenda. There are rumors that the reptilians have created the race that we know of as greys. The greys were necessary for their survival as a race.

What are the reptilians on earth doing now?reptilians on earth 2

They wanted new sources of nourishment as the Draconian culture continued to grow and expand. Seeking other planets to infest using their wicked plan, they soon came to see that the development of cloned evil race would benefit them. The grey aliens were created to serve as slaves to reptilians, and as the reptilians grew in number so did the the Greys. Soon enough a revolution would happen that would give birth to the Grey aliens and their agenda to find a cure for their cloned race that was dying.

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Draconian Reptilians shortly started to seek out a new supply of energy consumption and came across our planet Earth. Here they found an extremely sophisticated race of Reptilian-like aliens. They began to utilize the human population on earth; the draco reptilians looked to destroy the earth evolved reptilians and began their agenda to manipulate the human race for their energy consumptions. Draconian Reptilians started to work their way into, and influence, cultures of days gone by.


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