Who Is The Emotionally Draining Vampire In Your Life?

So who is the emotional vampire in your life? Like regular vampires emotional vampires suck the energy out of you. I am sure you have noticed someone in your life that you felt drained after talking or being with them, you don’t have to be an empath to experience this event.  Below is the description of an emotional vampire.emotional vampire 1

They are called emotional vampires because they are exhausting to be around. They always have this major crisis in their life, so they need constant attention. They know what they are doing, they are expert at getting emotional reactions from people, they are either positive or negative emotions.


Listed Below Are 5 Signs One Has Encountered An Emotional Vampire.

1. All the discussion is centered on them; they never listen to you or let you talk about things that interest you.
2. They always take up more of your time and anyone else in your life.
3. They are very much self absorbed.
4. They tend to find faults in other people or play the victim.
5. They leave you feeling drained.

The Types Of Emotional Vampire You may Encounter

1. The Victimemotional vampire sad 1

They are very easy to find, they always have the poor me attitude. They believe the world is always against them and no one seems to understand them except you of course. They are constantly talking about their problems, oh it’s very easy you want to help them, but they don’t want your help… They are happy complaining.

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What you can do: You should set kind and firm limits. Make it clear that you only want to talk if they are ready to discuss solutions. If it’s someone at work, make it clear to them that you have deadlines to meet and it’s not a good time to talk about problems. Most often they will respect your decision.

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2. The Narcissistemotional vampire 3

The term narcissism means someone who is always self absorbed. There are many types of narcissism, but they are all quite similar. Narcissist is attention seeking and only wants to be admired. They also have a sense of entitlement and often like to punish those who don’t do things their way.


What you can do: You will want to be realistic about the relationship. Narcissist is not available emotionally, in my opinion it’s not safe to share feelings with them. Whenever you are communicating, almost everything needs to be shown as a benefit to the narcissist. In order to keep the peace, the narcissist needs to have their ego stroked from time to time.

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3. The Drama Queenemotional vampire drama queen

According to much scientific research, a typical drama queen would react to events with severe emotions. Their behavior is very theatrical and use attention grabbing traits. They often love someone one moment then hate them the next and this constant up and down drama can leave you drained.

What you can do: The best advice is to not get pulled into the drama. You should remain calm and state that their personal problems are terrible, tell them you are busy with work. Most often they will look for someone else to gossip with.

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4. The Controlleremotional vampire controller

As the name implies, controllers love to control everything, even the emotions of their friends. They always seem to have an opinion what people need or how they should live their life. They love to put people down and dominate.


What you can do: You should never try to control a controller. Instead be assertive and firm with them. Just say their opinion is valued, but you won’t be following their advice. Be confident and don’t play the victim.

5. The Talkeremotional vampire talks too much

Spotting a talker is easy. They like to talk and talk. However as opposed to the narcissist, these people maybe just talking because they are not socially very aware like their friends. They are just trying to impress the person they are talking to, or they might have a mild form of asperger’s.

What you can do: If you know the person you are talking to is not a narcissist, constructive criticism is probably the best way to go. You should interrupt and add to the conversation when it’s possible. If you have to be somewhere make it clear as well.

It’s not always possible to be with positive, balanced people, so having the knowledge to protect yourself from emotional vampires is very important.


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