Astral projection is something that can be learned easily, but still, many people are unable to achieve this goal. Well, there are many reasons why this happens!

Astral projection requires the special state of mind and proper room environment. These are the possible reasons that might be hindering your astral travelling:

Why can’t I astral project?

#1: Insufficient Relaxation:

Relaxing your mind and making it free from all the negative thoughts are two essential things to astral project.

If you are unable to relax properly, you couldn’t complete the next steps of astral projection.

#2: Falling Asleep:

The key to astral projection is do not fall asleep. Your body should sleep but your mind shouldn’t. Many people are unable to remain awake mentally when they achieve a certain level of relaxation.

#3: Give it Time:

Astral projection requires lots of practice. If you want to rush, you won’t be able to attain anything. Master every step one by one to do it successfully.

#4: Fear and Insecurities:

Many people are afraid of the astral world, but they want to try it; this fear manipulates their relaxation, and thus they are unable to proceed.

#5: Being too Tired:

A tired body falls to sleep faster than the fresh body. The best time to astral project is in the morning because your mind and body both are refreshed because of the night’s sleep.

#6: Distraction:

There shouldn’t be any noise to distract your relaxation when you astral project. If you are unable to concentrate fully, you cannot astral project.

Why Is Astral Projection So Hard?

When you are unable to astral project successfully, you will think that it is an arduous task, but in actual fact, it isn’t.

Our mind and soul are designed to astral project, but problems arise because of our lifestyle and daily routine.

Our minds are pretty much occupied by other things that we are unable to achieve the optimum mental state required for astral projection.

Freeing the mind from all the worries of the world makes this process very easy.

How Long Does It Take To Astral Project?

The answer to this question lies in your own abilities. All newbies take lots of time; while for the experienced individuals, it is the matter of only a few seconds.

From lying down to leaving your body, usually, it takes from 4 minutes to 30 minutes.

Astral Projection Dangers:

Astral projection dangers are the one reason that many people are unable to do it successfully.

There are many fears associated with the astral world. People who are attempting to do it for the first time have many questions in their minds.

1. Cutting of Silver Cord:

A silver cord connects your astral body with your physical body. What if someone cut that cord? Rest assured, it will never happen. No one can sever this cord, because it is the energetic link that has no weak spot.

2. Meeting the demon:

Well, demon or not, there are negative energies in the astral world that you may encounter, but it is the same as meeting bad people in the subway not knowing who they really are.

3. Forgetting the way back:

It is highly unlikely because you can reach your physical body just by thinking about it in your mind. It is not the physical world that separates you; but it’s an astral world, where there are no walls.

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