Why Develop A Vegan Lifestyle

The main reason people are Vegan and why Vegan eating became a thing, is because many people were not down with putting beautiful animals through unnecessary misery and subjecting them to the horrendous violence that is the animal food industry. It is fact that animals share the same emotions as us, they have souls just like us, they are flesh and blood, just like us.

Vegan eaters value all sentient life forms and their rights to a cruelty free life, they embrace animals and extend their compassion and protection to them as much as they would any human. Developing a Vegan lifestyle is about living a peaceful life, without causing harm to any creatures here on planet Earth, not to mention all the health, environmental, and karmic benefits.


Living a Vegan lifestyle means eating a 100% plant based diet, this means no flesh, fish, eggs, honey or dairy products. I know those people who are new to the idea must be thinking…what is there left to eat? The answer is everything else that is good for you, and trust me, there is so much to eat!

All day and everyday millions of animals and sea life are tortured and murdered, it is barbaric, unnecessary and for what? So ignorant beings can eat burnt flesh, drink milk (not meant for humans btw) lick ice creams and clog their arteries with fatty cheesie pizza? I just don’t see how people be so ignorant or turn a blind eye, how they can justify eating like this?

Three Very Good Reasons To Be Vegan

1: For The Animals

Animal welfare is not the only reason for going Vegan, but for many people it is where they take a stand and make the change. When you love your cat or dog, look into those loving eyes and see their soul.

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You can’t ignore the fact that all animals are just the same, standing by and allowing cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, fish (and the list goes on) to succumb to the disgusting procedures that they are subjected to makes you as responsible as the guy at the meat works with his knife in hand, ready to slit the throat of a frightened being.

And not just that, what about the beautiful bobby calf’s that are ripped from their mothers as soon as they are born, so their mother can be milked till she can no longer stand because her teats have swollen so big from years of being milked, this kind of suffering is not humane.


2: For Your Own Health

A Vegan lifestyle is so amazing for your overall health. Meet any Vegan and you will see a glow about them, their eyes shine, they have increased energy, their skin looks younger, it is like they found the fountain of youth. They live longer, you can add at least 10 extra years onto their life span, they have less hospital stays and don’t need to see a Doctor as often as their meat/dairy eating friends and family.

It protects you from developing heart disease, diabetes, cancers, high blood pressure, keeps you trim and keeps your mind clear and your body pure, this comes from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, these guys have the proof and know what they are talking about.

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3: For The Good Of Our Environment

Many people are so into living a greener lifestyle and lowering their carbon footprint, being Vegan is the number 1 way to do both these things, by avoiding animal products and decreasing the demand for supply overall you are doing just that, pretty easy really.
The resources it takes to produce meat and other animal products far outweigh the balance available to man, there are far better ways to use water and fields than to farm animals. The grain required to produce meat has been a major contributor to deforestation, species extinction and habitat loss.

Many countries have been driven to produce “cash crops” to feed animals, rather than planting food to feed their own families and communities, the balance is so far out of whack! A Vegan crop uses significantly less of everything to provide huge amounts of food for larger quantities of people, it is the most efficient use of resources and the most effective way to reduce the negative impact on our environment.

A Vegan Lifestyle Is The Solution

There has never been a better time to switch to a Vegan lifestyle. Rising global demand for food and water has never been bigger, adopting a sustainable way of living has become quite urgent and a real solution to the socioeconomic and myriad environmental problems Earth is now facing.

Developing a Vegan lifestyle is the solution. Being able to live a healthy life and having a clear conscious is also important as it reduces our stress and allows us to sleep at night….being Vegan is all we need.


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