Why Going Vegan Is Important

Need to start living healthy? Need to lose some weight?

Choosing a vegan lifestyle is the best solution for you and probably the best decision you can make to stay healthy, save the planet, save the human race and save the animals species.

Leading a vegan diet is letting go of animal products such as eggs, animal meat and dairy products. With the numerous vegan products in existence, it has become not only possible but also very easy living the vegan life.

It’s no longer a question of “why should you be vegan?” but a question of “why aren’t you one?”


Vegan products have been scientifically proven to be more nutritious and have been highly recommended for human consumption as they bring huge benefits to the body and its health in general.

Use of the vegan products reduce chances of acquiring certain human diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and this can be proven scientifically. The presence of fibre in the vegan products aid in reducing the chances of contracting cancer.

Additionally, fruits and vegetable diet has also been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of death prematurely by almost 30 percent. The vegan diet, which has low levels of calories, also reduces possible chances of contracting human diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, prostate cancer and heart diseases.

Other health benefits associated with having a vegan diet include;

  • Stronger hair
  • Smoother skin
  • Increased energy
  • Stronger nails
  • Reduced allergy

Help the human race

Compared to the animal food products, plant diet is considered more efficient in the feeding of the world population. Animal rearing takes quite a vast size of the world’s land yet it’s proven that plant feed can only occupy a third of this area to supply the human race with enough food to keep it going.

Increased population and statistics that estimate a drastic increase in the human population leads to strain on the available land thus rendering plant growth as the most economical and logic alternative to ensure food for all.

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Additionally, with the current pressure on the natural resources, i.e., water and land, animal rearing would worsen the situation as it involves more use of this resources.

A significant number of the world’s population is going hungry because of barren farming land because the open farmlands have been taken by corporations to increase the production of animal products.

The animals

Compassion and respect for the animal rights are one of the greatest reasons to go vegan. Feeding on animals is quite unfair to their species as they also deserve a right to live and increase their race.

Animal exploitation is cruelty to their race, and to preserve them the vegan diet is the only solution. It’s a way for the human race to have what to feed on and as well keep the animal species alive.

Something important we forget is that we humans are also animals but just of a different species and therefore let’s ask us “Would it be fair if another species were preying on us?”

Just like other living animals like man, they deserve individual rights such as freedom;

  • from fear and distress
  • from thirst and hunger
  • to express their behaviour freely
  • from pain and injury

The environment

Living a green life is the only solution to save the environment and to lower the carbon levels, we must avoid using animal products.

Production of meat and rearing of animals is harmful to the environment as it puts stress on the natural resources and to the environment, i.e., water, crops, land. Processes involved such as transportation and manufacturing, and the production process is also very harmful to the environment.

Feeding the animals would also require the cutting down of trees and the over-harvesting of crops, and this would lead to global warming, deforestation and animal species extinction.

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Its come to a point we grow food and crops, not for human consumption but instead to feed the animals. Focusing on the vegan products would reduce such scenarios of environmental degradation and destruction.

Slimming and more energy

Statistics show that vegans are way lighter than most meat eaters by over 20 pounds and also, it’s been proven that vegan products leave the body more energetic and healthier as compared to all other animal products with fat.


Vegan products have been scientifically proven to improve brain growth, and this can be seen in the cases of vegan animals such as the pig and the chicken.

Pigs have been shown to be able to play video games, and chicken has been proven to be way more intelligent and smarter than the monkeys.

Meat is gross

In most cases, meat and its products aren’t pure and are shown to be contaminated with blood, faeces and other forms of dirt hence considered to lead to the greatest levels of food poisoning resulting to dysfunctions such as fever, diarrhoea and abdominal pains.

Vegan food products are delicious

It’s a false notion that only meet products are tasty and delicious. Vegan products have also proven to be tastier and in fact sweeter.

E.g., the coconut milk ice cream and vegan cheese

Animal food products are harmful to the body

Research has shown that consumption of red meat and other animal products in general leads to increased risks of contracting certain human diseases such as -diabetes -cancer -mortality


Vegan food products have proven to save the human race and solve some of the present challenges faced by the human race. A large number of the human population turning vegan would lead to not only better and healthier lives but also make the world a better place.

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