Why Is Spiritual Awakening So Painful? – Guest Post

The collision of opposite forces, one of liberation and the other of resistance, gives rise to a flow of incomprehensible energy which results in pain.

Though the effect of spiritual awakening on different persons is subjective in nature, everyone undergoing spiritual awakening embraces the pain.It can be psychological, emotional or even physical pain. However, you should not misconstrue this pain as a biological pain.

The pain felt by those experiencing a spiritual awakening can be likened to those who are confused as to why certain numbers keep appearing to them. Repeating numbers, such as the number 1919, could appear to certain individuals for many reasons. Likewise, spiritual awakening can be caused by various factors in your life. In addition, experiencing an awakening can leave you confused as to why it may be painful.
Reasons why spiritual awakening is painful

Let’s admit it: life is pretty much a struggle the whole way through.

If you’re not there yet, you can be sure that you will face it. As we go through life’s endless swirls and turns, we succumb to various emotional and psychological wounds. We imbibe almost every notion that this world perceives and take it as ours without any resistance. And suddenly we realize our lives need something more or that there is no meaning to life.

If we could, from a time machine, take a look at the extent of life’s emotional, psychological, and spiritual baggage (the details of which need no mention), it would be an overwhelming sensation. We determine our life’s decisions depending on this baggage, regardless of whether it will have a positive effect on our lives and others around us.

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When spiritual awakening confounds you, the collision between the preconceived notions, wounds, and baggage on the one hand, and the liberating force, on the other hand, leads to pain. And as we attempt to discern the good in our mind, soul, and heart, our ego actively counteracts this attempt.

Our desires, fears, needs, and attachments take a beating as we try to navigate through the various stages of awakening. And as we apprehensively confront these faculties, our mind, soul, heart, and body fail to keep up with the immensity of what we are up against.

Unfortunately, most of us fail to compose and balance ourselves as the forces conflict with one another. Therefore, a conscious preparation with practice can help you along as you navigate through this journey of spiritual awakening.

Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening

The realization and the cognitive ability to discern between truth and fiction, without any influence from the societal construct, with the desire to change for the better is the first step towards spiritual awakening.

Beginning with the above step, here are the standard symptoms of spiritual awakening in no particular order –

• You sense a strong feeling of dissociation from the material and worldly desires that you once drowned in.
• You realize that your way of life is superfluous with no direction towards a purpose.
• You desire to leave your old life and to meet and acquaint with new people who appreciate the awakening you are undergoing.
• You have a repelling feeling when you associate yourself with anything superficial – places, activities, entertainment, and most importantly people.
• You are melancholic and sorrowful when you become aware of the many sufferings in the world.
• You have a growing drive and yearning to bring a change wherever and whenever you can.
• You passionately long to find true meaning and purpose in life.
• You experience positive growth in creativity, ideas, and inspiration and want to use them to make everything better around you.
• You have deep insights and questions to know your true self without any inhibition.
• You are more fortuitous as you encounter the right people or find yourself in the perfect place at the opportune time.
• You are aware of your diet and gravitate towards healthier food.
• You worry less about the future and want to live in the present with contentment and appreciation.

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All the symptoms will lead you to experience true blissfulness in your life. Eventually, you will find perfection in flaws and know the true purpose of life.

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