It does indeed become frightening when the same person keeps appearing in our dreams. You have wondered for weeks on end why this person is showing up in your dreams and you can never find an answer.

It might mean nothing seeing this person over and over in your dream after all Science says that dreams are just electrical brain impulses which arise randomly.

There is a theory which suggests these random thoughts don’t make our dream, in fact, we do.

Psychologists suggest that dreams indicate many factors. It signifies our thoughts, feelings and desires. Could this be the reason why we keep dreaming of the same person?

When The Same stranger Appeared in My Dreams

It was a cold night in December when I began dreaming of this same person over again every night. It was a happy dream, and it made me feel good interacting with this stranger in my dream.

Each night I would dream, the events were different, but the same stranger would be in my dream.

So I began searching for answers, like who is this person? What is the meaning of this dream? In the end, I did gain more insight into this dream.

If you don’t find the answer to this dream it won’t cause any problem, you may not have this dream in the future, or it won’t bother you at all, it is just a dream, right?

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From my experience, I was looking for the answer every time that dream occurred. We all want to find the answer to things that permeate our mind, and this happens to be one of them, not finding the answer leaves us wondering.

Here are some solutions that will help you when you dream of the same person every night:

Why Do We dream of The Same Person?

They are someone you see every day

We know that dreams are drawn from our thoughts and memories, so it could be a person you see frequently. If this is the case, then there is no need to read too much into this dream.

They could be your Ex

Yes even though you have separated from your ex and you no longer think about them.

You have moved on, and there is no one in your life romantically, your subconscious may have put this person as a placeholder for someone you may be interested in meeting.

You desire romantic feelings, so your subconscious fills those gaps because you no longer have anyone in your life.

Stranger in your dream

This is the dream when you see the same stranger over and over. It has been noted that during REM dreams you will see two or three people.

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Most of these people you will never recognise, and you will see the same stranger over and over again.

Statistics show that strangers in dreams are likely to be male because they behave aggressively. Strangers in dreams are most likely your enemies or people who are threatening.

You also need to evaluate the situation in a dream, the stranger you are seeing are they welcoming, protective or threatening?

You can gain more insight by evaluating the situation and closer to finding the meaning of the dream as well.

Someone you have feelings for

It is someone you have deep feelings for, they are someone you have not connected with yet, or they are no longer in your life.

If they are someone you see frequently and you have not made your feelings known to them, they may appear in your dreams regularly.

If they are no longer in your life, and it has been many years since you saw them, they may appear as strangers.

Dreams are wonderful, whether you see the same person over again or visit the same place.

We can learn more from dreams by assessing them; further, it may be helpful in the future to write things down when you do remember them.

Please leave a comment if you had a recurring dream of the same person.