I have been studying starseeds for a long time now, and I know that many starseeds go through a Kundalini Awakening.

What is it? It’s an intense spiritual experience where the starseed has to deal with many karmic issues from past lives.

In this blog post, we will discuss why so many starseeds experience this intense event in their life.

Starseeds and Kundalini awakening (DNA Activation)

Many starseeds experience a kundalini awakening. This is a natural part of starseed development and evolution as we awaken to our origin, mission, and purpose here on Earth.

A starseeds’ kundalini energy brings many changes into their life because it activates the dormant DNA (which carries information from previous lives) allowing them to tap into heightened psychic abilities, clear emotional blockages, and past traumas.

Starseeds awaken to their mission and purpose

Starseeds awaken to their origin/mission/purpose here on Earth and develop deeper spiritual connections.

A starseeds’ kundalini energy is awakened through a variety of ways such as meditation (particularly chakra meditations), yoga practice, or attending classes that teach deep breathing techniques.

The starseed may experience a Kundalini awakening when they are in their late 30’s/early 40’s.

They may notice that they have heightened senses, feel very energetic after meditating (become hyperactive), and it is common for them to become more psychic than usual during this time.

Kundalini Awakening Activates Dormant DNA

Most starseeds will not experience more than one kundalini awakening because the first awakening is usually very intense and activates all of their dormant DNA which can feel like they are on an energetic roller coaster for a few months/years.

Their starseed abilities may become better after this initial period, however, as it takes time to fully integrate the starseed energy.

Physical symptoms of kundalini awakening

Kundalini awakening should be taken seriously as there are many symptoms starseeds should be aware of.

Some starseeds go through physical changes, while others do not feel anything at all. There are some common signs starseeds experience when they awaken kundalini energy which includes:

  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Electric currents running up the spine and spreading throughout the body (numbing feeling)
  • Sleepiness
  • Heart palpitations and panic attacks
  • A rush of energy through the body which can feel like electricity or fire (burning sensation)
  • Shaking and trembling, either by itself or with uncontrollable laughter/crying.
  • Blissful experiences
  • Temporary psychic experiences
  • Regressions that occur spontaneously
  • Grandiose feelings
  • Constant insights and “downloads”
  • Kriyas and shakings
  • There are no energetic boundaries in place.
  • Fear, anxiety, and terror (Possible panic attacks)
  • Depression
  • Feeling empty and nihilistic
  • Vivid dreams and lucid dreams

It is not uncommon for starseeds to try to ignore these symptoms as they are often unaware of what is happening.

These symptoms are the Starseed’s body adjusting to new frequencies, and it can take time to get used to them.

If starseeds ignore these physical signs they could delay their kundalini awakening process which often results in feeling worse than before.

Accordingly, starseeds who go through a kundalini awakening should take it seriously if they experience these physical symptoms.

And there are ways starseeds can cope with these symptoms and even learn to use them as a positive thing.

Starseeds who ignore these physical signs will usually experience discomfort and may be more open to turning towards negative habits such as drinking alcohol or using drugs in order to cope.

Which can lead starseeds deeper into karmic patterns that are not beneficial.

Here are few ways starseeds can learn to cope with and even embrace these physical symptoms:

Blissful experiences

Try to experience this sensation, and try not to fear, because it’s a natural part of the starseed awakening process.

Starseeds may find that meditating is their best bet when trying to enjoy these blissful experiences, or they can do it through yoga, tantra, and other spiritual practices.

Try not to get attached to these feelings, as they don’t last long.

Heart palpitations and panic attacks

Try to keep calm in order to not increase negative energy.

Starseeds should meditate and try to stay in a positive frame of mind. Breathing exercise works best for starseeds who are going through this process.

Starseeds can also use self-hypnosis and visualize a peaceful place where they feel safe, such as the beach or forest (not too high up).

Heart palpitations and panic attacks usually go away after awakening is complete.

Temporary psychic experiences

Accept them and try to embrace them, but don’t get too attached; they’re likely to go away.

Try to use them as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your starseed history, or karma.

Spend time listening and journaling what you feel; this will be beneficial for starseeds who are interested in astrology (numerology.)

Past life Regressions that occur spontaneously

When you feel the experience, don’t categorize or dismiss it; and don’t forget about how you’re feeling.

Starseeds should embrace the experience and let it come to them naturally.

If starseeds are wanting these regressions, they can try astrology or past life regression therapy (hypnosis.)

Grandiose feelings

Be careful not to make major life decisions at this moment. What you’re experiencing is genuine, but it’s probable that it will shift and ground.

As a result, be cautious about seeming superior in any way so as not to offend others; the awakening isn’t about that.

Constant insights and “downloads”

Reflect on those insights and make a note of them so that you may refer to them later.

Starseeds should try to separate the insights from their ego.

Kriyas and shakings

Shaking is a natural part of the starseed awakening process, whether it be through kundalini energy or past life regression.

Try not to fear these vibrations as they are happening for a reason. If starseeds feel this sensation coming on during the meditation, try grounding by breathing.

There are no energetic boundaries in place.

When you’re feeling vulnerable and open, avoid big crowds and chaotic environments.

Starseeds should make sure they’re in a safe and quiet place, with people who can support them during their starseed awakening process (this means loving family members.)

It’s also important starseeds avoid alcohol as it interferes with these vibrations.

Fear, anxiety, and terror (Possible panic attacks)

Singing, dancing, or performing an instrument might help you relax and use your sympathetic nervous system.

Starseeds should try to ground themselves by using their energy flow (e.g. chakras.)

If starseeds are feeling this sensation during meditation, they may need to breathe into their stomach or use self-hypnosis in order to channel the fear and pull it out of the body through visualization.


Allow the sadness energy to carry you as low as it wants to, resisting it will only make things worse.

Inquire if there is anything the spirit wishes to share with you; perhaps it’s a part of grief?

Feeling empty and nihilistic

Patience and time are important. Your life will be filled with pleasure, meaning, and inspiration again.

Starseeds should try to stay in a positive frame of mind. They should not become too consumed with their mission.

It is okay to take a break from trying to figure out the meaning of life and just live for a while.

Vivid dreams and lucid dreams

Keep a dream journal so you can look back on them and see what may have been valuable life lessons or insights.

Starseed kundalini awakening stages

There are many kundalini awakening stages that starseeds go through.

Here are some of the most common starseed kundalini awakening stages that people may experience:

Starseed KUNDALINI Awakening Stage One

Symptoms include feeling spacey, often for days at a time.

There can be sudden overwhelming rushes of emotions that hit out of nowhere and lead to crying spells.

The starseeds may feel like they are going crazy and losing their minds.

Many starseeds experience mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder).

Starseed KUNDALINI Awakening Stage Two

A Different Perspective of Reality Begins to Emerge.

This is usually accompanied by unusual dreams, feelings of detachment from the physical body/reality, an increase in one’s psychic abilities (such as telepathy), seeing energy fields around people or objects that are otherwise invisible to most other people on Earth (auras), and a sense of being an extraterrestrial.

There are some starseeds that have already begun to experience these things before the kundalini’s activation, but it usually becomes quite pronounced afterward.

Starseed KUNDALINI Awakening Stage Three

In this stage, starseeds discover a deep connection with the Earth and nature.

They begin to feel Mother Nature in a way they never have before, which can be an incredibly powerful experience for starseeds who are also going through the awakening process.

The reason starseeds may go through this stage is because of their old ties with Gaia from previous lives. In this lifetime, starseeds remember the connection they had with Gaia in their past lives and have a deep desire to reconnect.

Starseeds will experience the physical symptoms mentioned above with these stages, but starseeds will only experience a full starseed kundalini awakening when they go through all three stages.

Starseed awakening depression

Unfortunately, depression is part of the starseed awakening process. It can be caused by so many different things, all of which are explained in this starseed article.

Please take depression seriously and talk to someone if you are feeling suicidal.

Starseed awakening symptoms can leave starseeds with feelings of isolation, making them feel alone in this world which is why it’s important to talk to someone about it.

Kundalini awakening dangers

You should be aware that there are many dangers going through a kundalini awakening.

These dangers can lead to serious mental and physical damage, as well as severe trauma that may need therapy or psychiatric help in order to recover from.

Unfortunately, starseeds are at high risk for having this happen because of the way their energetic body is set up with all these cords linking them into other star systems.

Starseeds have other entities or energies within their energy field that they are carrying from many different experiences throughout lifetimes on earth as well as various star systems in the galaxy.

Here are some indications of when Kundalini awakening can be dangerous:

  • Starseeds who have had a lot of trauma or abuse in their lives are at higher risk for developing problems with Kundalini awakening.
  • Starseeds who have had no spiritual practices or training are at higher risk for developing problems with Kundalini awakening.
  • Starseeds who go through their kundalini awakenings quickly, without support from others, and without any preparation beforehand.

How to have a kundalini awakening?

Although there are many methods to have a kundalini awakening, it is not recommended to try any of them without proper guidance.

You can do more damage to yourself if you try to take this process into your own hands.

Make sure that you are protected while doing any practices involving energy work.

Can you have a Spontaneous kundalini awakening?

It is possible for kundalini to be activated spontaneously, in which case it can cause a starseed to have additional issues that they are not used to dealing with.

There can be many reasons why kundalini is activated, but here are some of the most common ones:

It could happen spontaneously due to a traumatic event that has taken place during their lifetime.

It also happens when starseeds are experiencing very challenging life events that bring up deep subconscious material to be cleared.

This can happen in childhood, adulthood, and even later on in life.

Kundalini awakening vs spiritual awakening

What is the difference between Kundalini awakening and spiritual awakening?

Kundalini energy is a life force. It is present in everything, starseeds included!

When starseeds go through a kundalini awakening they are undergoing an intense process of purification.

A starseed can be awakened either with or without Kundalini symptoms depending on how open the starseed is to the process.


Starseeds are on a journey to awaken their starseed gifts, but starseeds will only experience the full kundalini awakening when they go through all three stages.

Also, starseeds can go through a spontaneous kundalini awakening due to traumatic events or going through challenging life experiences that may force them to undergo this process without even being aware of it.