Are you a starseed soul who feels you have a special mission on Earth?

Starseeds often feel intended to help humanity in some way.

In many cases, Starseeds feel they have a double mission.

Starseeds believe they are on Earth not just to assist humanity, but they also have other projects to complete.

Are you more than just a lightworker?

In this article, we will explore why Starseeds have a double mission.

Why do Starseeds have a double mission?

Some starseeds feel they have a double mission because, on occasion, they have become comfortable here on Earth.

Comfort is not a bad situation, sometimes our soul desires comfort and freedom to experience the joys of life.

Starseeds want to experience life on Earth

Some starseeds want to experience life on earth because life can be joyous, beautiful, fascinating, and has so much to offer.

Their goal on earth can be more fulfilling when they can experience life with friends and family, to enjoy the human experience.

And some starseeds find love here on earth, which is the ultimate source of happiness.  

However, starseeds have a powerful sense of mission because they know their own truth, and continue to work toward its fulfillment.

They will stay on earth as long as it takes for them to accomplish their mission.

And as starseeds fulfill their primary goal, they will gradually integrate more fully into human society.

Depending on where a starseed is from and their soul plan, they bring in their unique frequency and vibration to help raise the consciousness.

Starseeds And Twin flames

Starseeds who are fated together with their twin flame have a double mission on Earth, to lift mankind into the 5th dimension.

Starseeds are here to assist with the evolution and spiritual growth of mankind.

Whilst twin flames are here to bring the divine masculine and feminine together so that new life can be created.

Between them, they help to raise the human race’s awareness.

They are among the first group of Starseeds to arrive on Earth and they will be part of the shift to a new world.

We can all sense that something momentous is happening in the Earth sphere especially within the past few years.

The planet is in the midst of a large, fast shift from relying on the third dimension to functioning in the fifth.soulmates and twin flames

Types of Starseed Missions

There are many types of missions and roles starseeds are coming here to fulfill.

Not every starseed is the same. They are from many different walks of life, backgrounds, and awareness.

They all have their reasons for being here and their individual missions.

The first thing to realize about your mission as a starseed is that you are the only one who truly knows what it is.

Here are some roles starseeds are here to fulfill:

The Gridworker

The gridworker is here to help repair the Lightbody grid for humanity.

This is done by clearing miasma, phantom-matrix entities, and karmic/past life contract implants.

It is like a psychic archaeologist. You excavate layers of the subconscious mind to clear out old miasma that has been buried in memory.

The miasma is the psychic gunk that has built up like sludge in our subconscious mind.

This is unnatural to the human energy field and lowers our vibration.  

This sort of work is very strenuous on the body, therefore most gridworkers need to be careful not to neglect themselves or their health will suffer.

The gridworkers do the job of helping us heal our subconscious mind.

This frees us from the control system in a direct way by clearing the programmed beliefs, thoughts, and fears in our mind.

After all, if you don’t know you are in prison, then what is your motivation to escape?

In this sense gridworkers generally share information on the subconscious mind and its effects on our reality.Light Body Symptoms

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a master in the creation of etheric matter and manifesting.

They have a deep understanding in creating reality through thought forms and intention.  

This is done by anchoring more high-frequency, fifth-dimensional energy into our life here on earth.

As we take back control over our thoughts and emotions, we become empowered to create the reality we want.

We can create our homes, jobs, and life experiences this way.

One of the primary focuses of the alchemist is to anchor fifth-dimensional energy and raise the frequency on planet Earth. 

They often work with color frequencies and light to accomplish this goal through creative means such as painting or making music.

They also use toning, chanting, meditations, and many other tools in this process of planetary ascension.

The Healer

The healer is a master in the art of energy medicine.

They have a clear understanding of how the human energy field works and use various tools to diagnose, tune up, or even heal imbalances within it.

In this way, they help those who have been energetically traumatized by experiences with extraterrestrials, abductions, energetic implants, curses, psychic attacks, etc.

It is like having a spiritual energy chiropractor who can tune you up and clear away all kinds of blockages within the auric field.

The Healer knows how to release trapped emotions or stagnant energies in one’s chakras or central channel using various types of bodywork, and meditation techniques.

They are also well versed in various soul retrieval methods to help heal the parts of us that have been disassociated from this lifetime.

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper assists with the Ascension process by helping prepare humanity for mass contact.

They are often found in service-to-others type roles where they teach others about starseeds, soul contracts, and ascension.

Gatekeepers often use various types of divination to help people discover their soul purpose as well as the lessons they came here to learn.

They also know much about timelines and how to navigate through different ones successfully.

The Gatekeeper wishes for nothing more than a free planet where humanity is sovereign.

The Teacher

The teacher has mastered the art of telepathy which is the ability to intuitively share knowledge with others.

They are able to read your energy field in order to help you discover what you came here to do and how best you can accomplish this goal.

One way the teacher helps humanity is by sharing information on past lives, soul contracts, Earth history, and the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.

The teacher has a deep understanding of how we create our reality and uses this knowledge to help others discover their life purpose.

They often use various types of divination as well as shamanic type techniques such as trance channeling or shapeshifting.

The guardian

The guardian is a master at inner and outer protection.

They know exactly what types of protections need to be put in place around your physical body, home, and energetic field so you can avoid psychic attacks.

The guardian uses various tools such as crystals, meditation techniques, and frequency generators in order to protect you.

They also know much about the different types of extraterrestrials who are working alongside humanity in this ascension process and how to protect yourself from them.

The guardian is an excellent source of information on both positive and negative experiences.


We are all unique expressions of higher dimensional energy so there is no way to fit everyone into one category.

All have come here to assist with the shift in consciousness by sharing knowledge, raising our vibration, and empowering others through teaching or healing work.

As starseeds, you have many roles and missions to fulfill during this time of great change.

Most starseeds will fulfill more than one role so the list is not exhaustive by any means.