A serious relationship brings lots of expectations and commitments. It is not simple to spend every day without hurting the one you love or being hurt yourself. There are many things to take care of daily.

The eyes of your loved one dazzle you in such a way that you forget the whole world. You just want to live with that person without caring about anything else. You wish to be exactly like the person your lover wants.

All these amazing characteristics of true love are hard for some people, and they find it easier to leave than stay. They run from all the beautiful love and leave you crying.

Reasons Why A Soulmate Runs:

Soulmate runner is the name given to the person who runs away from the real love. There are so many things that are going on in the mind of the soulmate runner at a time. He/ she doesn’t know what to do and what not to! Escape is the best solution they find for leaving all the troubles behind. Here are some reasons why your soulmate runs:

Soulmate Runner: Whom They Are Running Away From:

Soulmate runners are running from themselves, not from the soulmate. They are unsure about their feelings. They don’t know why they are feeling that way, why they want to change themselves, and why this relationship is so intense!

Love Is Overwhelming For Them:

Unconditional love is so disturbing for them. They don’t run because they don’t care; they care from the core of their hearts, and that’s what makes them run. The more they love – the more they want to run.

They Find Pace of the Love Devastating:

You meet someone and fall in love in just two dates; you become so obsessed that you don’t want to leave their sight for a single second; what’s best about it all is that the other person is feeling the same way; you two are addicted to each other.

For you, this might seem like a fairy tale turning into reality, but for the other person, it could be a complete nightmare. This fast developing love is due to the attraction of souls, but the runner doesn’t want to accept that.

They Don’t Want Change

The runner is afraid from the changes that a relationship brings. At the time when soulmates meet, one is highly mature, and the other has to learn a lot about love. Meeting the soulmate means you will be self-aware and this change is not acceptable by all.

Final Verdict:

All the reasons point out to one thing that the soulmate runner is not ready for the relationship and feel fear. He or she doesn’t want to commit for the whole life. No matter what they are feeling, they don’t want to surrender to love.

There are cases when runners who come back to the soulmate when they truly know what they want. But most of the time, the runner gets back too late, and the other person moves on with pain in the heart.

It is better to stay with the right person than to wander and forever be with the wrong one. Make your decision before it is too late.