Twin flame relationships can be many things. They can be exciting, fulfilling, life-changing, spiritually stimulating, and for some the central part of their lives.

But most of all, twin flame relationships are hard.

That is the thing that surprises people the most about their twin flame relationship. If it is destined if it is meant to be, why would it be so hard?

Well, there are some excellent reasons why twin flame relationships don’t come easy.

Twin Flame Relationships Are High Stakes

The highest of stakes, indeed.

You share a soul with your twin flame, and as a part of the universal ascension process, you will one day unify and ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

This is very important to the universe in the long run. You might not fully realise that on an intellectual level, but your soul knows it.

And when things go wrong in the twin flame relationship, you feel it too.

That’s why every argument gets so heated and any time away from each other feels like the end of the world.

The universe has a stake in your twin flame relationship, and that’s a lot of responsibility.

Twin Flames Share A Soul

Sharing a soul is more than just an abstract concept, it’s a real factor in how you relate to each other.

It helps to think of the difference between how you talk to yourself and how you talk to others.

Next time you are having critical thoughts about yourself, imagine saying those things out loud to someone you care about.

The chances are that you would not be as hard on someone else as you are on yourself. You always expect more of yourself than you do of others. We all do.

This extends to your twin flame. Your souls are so familiar because they are just one soul so that you can think of your twin flame as another expression of yourself.

But sometimes that means we expect too much of our twin flame.

Your Twin Flame Is Fixing You

Well, you are fixing each other. Life is complicated and often our childhoods leave us with flaws and trauma that we can’t fix on our own.

Through spiritual growth, we address these flaws and traumas with our twin flame.

Addressing those problems is an incredibly hard thing to do on an emotional level. Being forced to face those problems can breed resentment and resentment is never good.

Of course, twin flames have no qualms communicating that resentment to each other, which is why the number one skill twin flames should help each other to develop is calm, honest and direct communication.

It’s All Worth It

And that’s the take away here:

Twin flame relationships are hard, but they are always worth the effort.

The secret to a successful twin flame relationship with more ups than downs and more play than work is communication.

Understanding each other makes everything more natural in the twin flame relationship.

So if you’re reading this because your twin flame relationship is getting you down, don’t sweat it.

Sit down with your twin flame, express yourself calmly and commit with them to working through whatever problems you are facing with calmness, understanding, and – most of all! – love.