Will my twin flame ever come back?

A question every twin flame trapped in the runner-chase phase asks.

Let me first expand on the topic of twin flames before we get deeper into the issue.

What is a Twin Flame?

Your twin flame is your other half, perfect complement, energetic mirror and your destined beloved to be.

Millennia ago, the divine source created you and your twin flame as one.

But as your souls were born, they were split into two mirror halves, scattering you and your twin flame in the process.

That is why when you reunite with your twin flame on planet earth, you immediately feel a sense of recognition. You feel as if you’ve spent many lifetimes with them.

In the beginning, a twin flame relationship fares particularly well ― intense lovemaking and a desire to remain together consumes the twin flames.

But, unfortunately, this steady period doesn’t endure.

With time, your twin mirrors your deepest and darkest fears.

Your self-ego that you had suppressed all these years resurfaces. Emotional conflicts take center stage.

Twin flames together can undergo anguish of the highest order in their lives.

Insecurities, fears and cerebral scars create nesting grounds inside their minds.

Behaviour like this keeps them apart.

What Role Does a Twin Flame Play in our Lives?

Twins come into our lives to purge us of these sinister energies.

They thrust us towards self-acceptance. Their primary role in our lives is to help us attain spiritual illumination.

Spiritual enlightenment isn’t handed out to us free of cost.

It’s something that’s earned by breaking your back.

Will my twin flame ever come back?

When our twin aligns us with the bitter truth, we find it hard to accept it.

And instead of staying and embracing the reality, we flee.

We seclude ourselves and languish in our estrangement, giving rise to the runner-chaser dynamic.

The Runner-Chaser phase is hard on both the runner and the chaser.

While the Chaser desperately tries to cling on to the runner, the chaser tries equally hard to detach.

However, in estrangement, Runners gradually realize that they can’t run forever; something inside them will always pull them back towards their fated twin flame.

When they reach the point of exhaustion, they eventually capitulate and give in to their flame’s love.

Some Chasers in the confounding Runner-Chaser phase become sceptical of their twin’s return, but they shouldn’t be.

The Divine Source will conspire to reunite twin flames if it has to. It’s the birthright of every twin flame to reunite with their other half.

So will my twin flame ever come back? Without a doubt!

You just have to keep your sanity intact and let hope fuel your persistence.

Sooner rather than later, your twin flame will come out of the shadows and into your light, and not just as someone who is not worthy of you, but as someone who’s finally decided to spend an eternity with you.

So, if you’re wondering if my twin flame will ever come back, don’t fret! Believe in your love and never give up. Fortune favours the persistent.

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