The willow tree is one of the more popular trees regarding symbolism and cultural importance.

Aligned and in tune with feminine energies and the divine feminine, the willow tree holds particularly relevant symbolism for women.

So what does the willow tree symbolise, and how might we apply its symbolism to our own lives?

Flexibility, Adaptability

The most potent symbol of the willow tree surrounds its ability to bend and not break.

The remarkable flexibility in the boughs and branches of the willow tree allow it to thrive even in the stormiest climates.

Winds that might bring a less flexible tree down don’t do much damage to the willow tree.

The faith that you will survive holds important symbolism for those who are suffering.

It reminds us that the best way to be strong is to be flexible.

It’s rarely strong winds that threaten us, but the same idea can be applied.

One example of this in your life could be if a work colleague is unfairly criticising you.

Being able to shrug off that unfair criticism without a confrontation is a valuable skill in the modern world.

Willow trees are also very adaptable, meaning that when they do break, they can grow back quite well.

This ability often leaves willow trees with crooked, scarred boughs and branches.

These imperfections are what lend the willow its power and much of its beauty. The symbolism here is clear – it is your “scars” that make you who you are, and it is who you are that makes you beautiful.

Willow Colour Meanings

The colours of the willow tree also hold symbolic meaning.

The leaves are green, and later yellow. Green is a colour that symbolises growth and life.

Yellow for the glow of the life-giving Sun.

For the tree, this is literal, as it takes energy from the sun through its leaves – Making green chlorophyll, the substance that turns solar energy into growth and life for the tree.

For us, this imbues the willow tree with symbolic meaning related to fertility and personal growth or progress.

Both Are A Natural Processes

The trunk and branches are brown, which is a base, primal colour that represents survival, safety and shelter.

The drooping branches of the willow tree also form a sort of protective space that many people and cultures over the years have used to shelter from the rain.

Willow bloom colour is also important, as white blossom symbolises purity and consciousness, while pink blossoms represent love and relationships.

Yellow blossoms are said to signify the joy of bringing new life into the world.

Using your newfound knowledge of the symbolism of the willow tree, what lessons can we learn and apply to our own lives?

We remember to stay flexible in the face of danger, trying to stop ourselves from breaking by developing the ability to withstand the bending.

We Also Remember to be Adaptable

Life will throw difficult things our way, and it is how we deal with them that defines us and gives us power and beauty.

And finally, we remember that the symbol of the willow can be used to promote feelings of safety, protection and personal growth.

Use this during meditation, and soon you may benefit from the symbolic power of the weeping willow tree.

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