So you want to know what the meaning of a yellow aura is. Perhaps you have discovered that you possess a yellow aura, or maybe a friend or prospective partner has shown a yellow aura, and you want to know what that means.

You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s go through what a yellow aura means for the person who possesses it.

Yellow Aura: The Free Spirit

Those who possess a yellow aura are most accurately described as free spirits. They embody freedom, joy and generosity of spirit.

They tend to live without restraints.

This means that they like to travel and hate to be tied down. Those with a wanderlust tend to have yellow in their aura, especially if they prefer to do so on a shoestring budget so that they can experience life with the locals.

The person with a yellow aura doesn’t stay in five-star hotels.

This is because they show little attachment to material things. This can be a great thing for those around them, as they don’t mind spending money on others without expecting or needing to be paid back.

It can also be a problem, as those with a yellow aura can often find themselves in sticky financial situations because they are bad with money.

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But the lack of materialism is a hallmark of the yellow aura, and overall it is a positive thing.

The joy that they feel comes from inside, from knowing who they are and loving themselves. Satisfaction for the person with a yellow aura comes from being themselves without restraint.

They cannot be kept from being themselves, or from being unabashedly free.

Yellow Aura: Relationships

As a result, many with a yellow aura display commitment issues in relationships.

It can be challenging to make a long-term commitment to a romantic partner when they feel the need to have the option to take off on an adventure at the drop of a hat.

For this reason, people with yellow auras do better with open, long distance or casual relationships than most. But they struggle with settled, monogamous and serious relationships.

One solution to this is for yellow aura people to seek each other out for romantic relationships. That way, when one of them decides its time for an adventure the other will likely be on board for the ride.

Yellow Aura: Spiritual Healers

Those with a yellow aura are particularly adept to give spiritual guidance on healing.

This is because they live inside themselves, taking their power from their energies rather than the energies around them.

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They may well be extroverted socially, but they are most in tune with their inner self.

This can lead to highly developed third eye and crown chakras, which are markers of spiritual healers. For some, this can even lead to an auric halo – though this is rare.

So if you have a yellow aura:

  • Consider the path of a spiritual healer.
  • Try to meet others with yellow auras.
  • Beware financial difficulties from being overly generous.