A person’s aura can tell us a lot about their personality. The predominant colour in the aura can tell us the type of energies that they put out – and therefore what energies are most predominant in their life.

Today, we’re looking at the yellow aura.

So what does a yellow aura tell us about the person who holds it?


People with yellow auras tend to be highly intelligent and confidently so.

They do not doubt their intelligence, meaning that they can be very ambitious professionally and optimistic about career prospects.

However, this does also mean that they are prone to intellectual arrogance. A yellow’s friends must be able to keep up with them intellectually, or they may find themselves out in the cold.Yellow Aura Personality


Yellow aura individuals also tend to have analytical brains, preferring hard data and rigorous planning over emotional arguments and winging it.

This doesn’t mean that they lack creativity. Rather, it means that their creativity often comes out in their mode of thinking – which can be unconventional at times. This creative way of thinking drives yellows to be great innovators.

Their analytical nature also causes yellow aura individuals to be prone to overthinking. This can result in slow decision making as well as extreme paranoia and jealousy in relationships.

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Solitary, But Not Lonely

Those with yellow auras tend to prefer to be alone the majority of the time. They often have few friends, though these friendships are usually very close ones.

While yellows aren’t really prone to loneliness as a result, they can risk slipping into social isolation. This can in some cases lead to mental health problems, especially depressive disorders and social anxiety.

However, a short chat every day is more than enough social interaction for most yellows, so few suffer these ill effects.


Depending on your point of view, you might see the yellow aura individual’s crucial nature as a virtue or a flaw.

Truthfully, it can be both.

Yellows hold themselves to a very high standard. This means that they are continually pushing themselves to be the best they can be, though it might be that they set the bar too high and suffer a knock to their self-esteem as a result.

And it isn’t just themselves that they hold to a high standard – everyone else must meet it too.

This can be troublesome as people rarely respond well to unsolicited criticism and may see them as overly critical or even judgemental.

If you have a yellow aura, consider whether you have a problem with being too critical of yourself and others.

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If you do, you might try paying attention to it and taking a step back whenever you feel yourself getting too critical.

So that was our article on the yellow aura personality.

Knowing your aura is very important, but most don’t know their aura colour or haven’t looked again in quite a while.

Finding out how your aura appears is vital to chakra meditation and other spiritual pursuits.

You can look online for aura readings performed by a professional, or you can learn to see auras yourself.