Orbs are spiritual entities. They are circular ball like beings − most commonly seen as crystal balls.You can’t touch them or see them with your naked eyes.

Sometimes when you take an image, you’ll see something resembling an orb somewhere in the vicinity of the picture, when you look at it later on.

It is not something to disregard nor is it something to worry about. Orbs can be thought of like guardians.

Orb colors

Interpretation of orbs is still open for debate because a clear-cut explanation for them is yet to be presented by spiritual and scientific experts.

Regardless, people have sworn by them in many cases. Assigning interpretative colours to orbs is based on our general view of that colour itself.

For example; black is seen as a sign of evil and blue as a sign of truth. These are our general ideas of colours.

Red is assigned with danger for no particular reason.

Similarly, orb colours have personalised or subjective interpretations.

Yellow orbs:

If you notice a yellow coloured orb in the vicinity of a picture you took, you need to be on high alert. Yellow is regarded as a sign of caution.

Your guardians are trying to inform you about an impending incident where you can’t lose your focus. You need to stay on your feet.

Coincidentally, what may seem yellow to you may appear another colour to someone else. Again, this is open to discussion, since we mostly use our current feelings and situations as a measuring standard.

You may wish to see only yellow if you’ve recently experienced trauma or any such incident.

Yellow can also mean that you can’t keep your guard down about past relationships or any new ones. So, it’s advisable to step into a new relationship with great through assessment.

You’re being cautioned from stepping outside of your comfort zone for a while. If you’re thinking about taking unnecessary risks, then stop.

It could land you in dire trouble. Keep yourself safe at all times, and refrain from going to dangerous places. If you’re irresistibly tempted towards a tricky situation, seek advice from a close friend or lover at once.

It is important to believe that while these entities are in fact real, how you choose to interpret them is completely up to you.

For someone seeing a yellow orb, the practical solution would be to lay low for a while. However, that isn’t necessarily the case with everyone.

Someone else may decide to go on about their day as usual but with a watchful eye. In the end, it’s what you decide to do with the sign that counts.

One of the things we need to accept to truly move on with our lives is the fact that our destiny is just predetermined and we can’t change it or predict it.

What’ll happen, will happen no matter what and what isn’t destined won’t. We’re all part of a grand scheme of things, and all we can do is play our part and slowly wither away.