Some people are ‘natural’ at flirting and no matter what they look like and no matter where they are, they always manage to attract other people.

They are confident and smooth talkers and don’t even have to try hard to seduce others. On the other hand, there are people who are too shy, awkward and find it difficult to flirt. But, did you know that your flirting style might have been written in the stars?


Astrology can tell you a lot about your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and your most compatible matches. However, your zodiac sign can also reveal your flirting style. Are you shy, awkward, or bold and super confident? Without further ado, let’s find out what’s your flirting style according to your sun sign!


Aries’ flirting style is bold and confident. These people are not shy – they’re daring, competitive, charming, fearless, and not afraid of a challenge. If they want to seduce someone they like, Aries people won’t hesitate to make the first move or compete for their attention. Most of the time, Aries individuals know exactly what they want and they’re intent on getting it.


Taurus is a romantic, sensual, and traditional person, so their flirting style is obviously sweet and old-fashioned. Taureans are shy and have a subtle approach to flirting with the person they like, and they usually prefer when someone else makes the first move.

Once they’ve made the first move, Taurus knows that they can hold their interest for as long as they want thanks to their sensual and charming personality.



Geminis have a way with words, so they often use these powers to flirt in a communicative, witty manner which includes body language. These people like to talk and have a great sense of humor, so you can expect lots of deep conversations and laughter. However, if a person doesn’t match their intelligence level, charming Gemini can get bored quite easily and will probably move on to their next target.


People born under this zodiac sign are very sensitive, romantic, and nurturing. Cancerians are naturally friendly and caring people and when they flirt they have an ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the whole world.

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These charming individuals are also great listeners who are genuinely interested in other people. They are very warm-hearted, so if they like someone, they will shower that person with affection and attention, but their desire to connect with people on a deeper level is the thing that makes them irresistible.


Leo’s flirting style is bold, attractive, and egoistic. Even though they’ve got a whole set of flirting moves, those born under this sign want as much attention and compliments as they’re giving to the person they like. Leos are intense, dramatic individuals who love the spotlight. They aren’t afraid of wearing their emotions on their sleeve, which means that when a Leo likes someone, it won’t be long before this person knows all about it.


Virgo is the zodiac sign that will send you mixed signals, so you’ll have no idea if this person actually likes you. One minute they’ll be cold and reserved, and the next one they’ll be giving off a strong sexual vibe. When it comes to flirting, Virgos will use their intelligence and sexuality to their advantage, along with body language. However, they don’t like to flirt with strangers, but they want to know the person well.


Ruled by Venus, Libra is a born flirt! These people will flirt with just about anyone and they’re really good at it, thanks to their beauty, charm, and charisma. If they’re interested in someone, Libras will find excuses to touch that person or hold their hand. They’re natural flirts who are genuinely interested in people and want to make them feel like they matter. Libras truly want other people to feel good, so, if anything, their flirtation serves as a means to cheer themselves and other people up.


Scorpio is considered the master of flirting, thanks to their intensity, sexuality, and sensitivity. These mysterious people enjoy flirting so much that they don’t even need to have an endgame in mind. They just find flirting fun and exciting. Scorpio’s flirting style is intense, direct, and passionate – they know what they want and they know how to get it, so they won’t stop until they accomplish their mission.

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Sagittarius is an adventurous and enthusiastic zodiac sign that loves trying out new things and has a magnetic personality. Sagittarians often have a fun, light-hearted, and spontaneous way of flirting, which other people find very attractive. However, these people can be distant and emotionally detached sometimes, leaving others confused. When Sagittarius and Sagittarius find themselves in a flirting situation, though, they become masters of seduction and they enjoy their flirting immensely.



This down-to-earth sign has an honest, practical and straightforward style of flirting. Even though they’re always genuine and sincere, Capricorns can be a little reserved and cool at times. They usually flirt only with intellectuals, which means that they won’t flirt with anyone they don’t find interesting on a more intellectual level.


Aquarius is a witty, intelligent, and social person who loves to flirt. Thanks to their great sense of humor, intelligence, charisma, and passion, they can flirt with a whole group of people at once, using body language to their advantage. Aquarians are mostly drawn to free-spirited and quick-witted people, but they’re turned off by boring or ignorant people.


Pisces is extremely shy, mysterious, but very sensual, so their flirting style is cute and awkward at the same time. Their wild imagination makes it easy for them to think of new ways to approach flirting. When Pisceans like someone, they won’t send mixed messages and they will be direct and honest about their feelings. However, even if they don’t say a single word, people will still notice them and gravitate to them like they’re some kind of a magnet.

By: Slobodanka Bekjarovska

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