Your Perfect Guide to Attain Discipline in Life

Guest Post | By Ahsan QureshiOne of the core reason of human failure in life is the lack of discipline. We struggle to tame our instinctive desires and to adopt discipline in lives.

However, to lead a successful life, it is necessary to bring our behaviors under some rules and regulations. Unfortunately, though, the path to a disciplined life has proven to be a difficult one, and we have continuously struggled as a human generation to maintain discipline in our lives.


Why is it important to process your thinking?

If the humans had tamed their instincts and thoughts, then surely, they wouldn’t have been lazy and would have worked in a disciplined manner to achieve personal growth and development.

Though sadly, it has not been the case. Most of us leave thoughts on autopilot and choose to be dictated by them.

Ultimately, these uncatered thoughts lead us into actions and evolve as bad habits in our lives. In simple words, what we sow at one moment of life by leaving our thoughts uncatered, we reap its consequences at other points in our lives. Therefore, catering to thoughts is necessary to build a strong foundation for a disciplined life.

And thankfully, there are techniques, which can enable us to harness our thoughts.


Meditation helps our soul to connect with conscious.  It helps humans to discipline and refine themselves. It also opens up new avenues of thinking to individuals and helps us stand in harmony with ourselves.


Cultivating gratitude:

Feel blessed about what you achieved in life. People who offer disdain to the blessings they receive in life are most vulnerable to undisciplined thoughts and behavior. By rendering appreciation for what we have in our lives, we enable ourselves to form a positive attitude towards our shortcomings.

Change your thoughts:

Start identifying bad thoughts in your life. Point out the distractions in your life and try to alter your course. It will provide you with an opportunity to start building a base for a disciplined life.

Meet people who practice discipline in their lives. Such interactions will help you absorb and transfer some of the positive habits through the process of osmosis.

Control your body:

Our body, thoughts, and actions are inseparable from each other. All share an intimate connection with each other.

It means that if your body habits are not in good spirits, you are bound to mess up with your thoughts and actions. Indiscipline in one part spills into other and vice-versa. We cannot expect a person to have undisciplined thoughts and a disciplined body.

From the personal point of view, I’ve found out that I appear better disciplined when I start to control my physical urges.

Laziness is one of the greatest impediment in the way of human progress, and it has caused many to kneel down before it.

I have found laziness as a problem in my life and tried to counter that with an ambitious counter strategy. If it were not for disciplining my body wishes, I would not have been able to bring any level of self-discipline in my life.


So, to defeat the element of lethargy in your life, try to engage in physical activities more and more.

Exercise is the best option; probably you can start with a morning walk to feel fresh and active in life. If you can pay attention to physical fitness, you are likely to be on the right track to achieve physical discipline.

Your sleeping routines, your dinner timetables, and habits are necessary to maintain physical discipline. If you sleep for days and snooze your alarm clock for hours, you are probably not on the right track to attain self-discipline.

These are some of the methods that can help you to discipline you.

Walk up early in the morning without brooding or snoozing your alarm clock for hours.

Diet is one important part of your life. If you eat fatty food or like spice, you are to struggle with your physical discipline.

If a person masturbates, watch movies and procrastinate all the time, judges other. Can you imagine him as a disciplined person?

However, if a person continuously meditates, has a strong work ethic, thinks about life and stick to a patronized diet in his life? Can you imagine him as an undisciplined person?

Research reveals that more than 50% of our behaviors are the product of our habits. Other 50% of our actions are situational and random.

People one day decide to adopt one thing and another day other. This abruptness impacts their personality, and they grow behaviors that are contradictory yet similar to each other.

One needs to carefully observe his behavioral occupations and events that trigger him to follow them.

It is also important to gauge out what you can do and what you cannot realistically. For instance, if you watch tv or shows or movies, that might lead to turning your mind off, and you get into a cycle that leads to perpetual trap that has no ending in itself. You only get rid of it when there come commercial brakes.

Watch your deeds:

Are you a person who bluffs a lot, but does nothing? I have seen numerous individuals who start a new year with stupendous resolutions but are unable to transform them into anything substantial. We are always noble in our intentions…But when we intend, we already think that have achieved something.

But in reality, nothing is accomplished. Start reflecting on your reflections will lead you to know the actual worth of your words and actions. Therefore you will be able to point out the discrepancies between your action and therefore declarations.

Question yourself. Do you stand true to yourself? To your commitments and promises? If you don’t try to figure out why? Were you able to complete your last project on time, if you weren’t? Figure out why? Ask yourself these questions? Are you addicted to something?

If you figure out the weaknesses, try to get an answer to these queries.

Make a commitment and be very specific what you want to achieve in a particular time frame.

For instance

I am committed to complete my research project in next 30 days.

I am determined to find a new job in next three weeks.

I am determined to wake up early in the morning and start a morning walk to gain fitness.

I am committed to complete my next assignment in two days’ time.

Put in the hours:

Try to work diligently and stop finding excuses for your lethargy. Think that you are going to do it and won’t postpone it and ward off distractions courageously. Turn down people offers and remain committed to your cause until you complete your job with your soul and heart. Consume your energies in the most necessary works. Remember, your time is precious.


Be persistent. In other words, keep your eye on your ultimate goal.

Face the truth eye to eye and don’t shy away from challenges. Don’t walk away from the challenge if it seems hard but try to tough it out understanding that the task won’t get any easy. Keep experimenting if something does not work. Always try to come up with a new thing and don’t get yourself bogged down by the situation.

Don’t worry if you fail at something. Failure blesses you with experience that can help you to build on in your future life. Stand up against the inevitable, and you will triumph in your life.

Since you are already low on self-discipline, try to learn by initiating small goals. You will reach your broader goal by gradually moving towards it.

Try to solve one problem at one time. That means that stick to one goal and try to complete that, and then start the other one. That will keep you motivated in your life. However, never allow complacency to settle in, and set a new destination once you can finish your previous work.

Weak moments:

One of the most challenging aspects of this is to handle yourself during tough moments. There will be moments during your quest for self-discipline when you will think of giving up. Understand the instinct and stay strong during those nervous moments.

Stop talking:

Never boast about what you are planning to do to your peers and friends before you start something. That will come to nothing and if anything, you will burden yourself even more. Just go on with what you plan to do, and they will see it themselves when you achieve something.


From the very outset, set some realistic benchmarks that you can obtain in a given period. At the very start, you would not be making many unrealistic goals because your goals will burden you. So try to improve little by little through a gradual process.

Reward yourself:

Once you achieve something, try to award yourself with some gift, you will be able to gain a sense of achievement.

As with almost everything in life, when you reward yourself, you will find that your sub-conscience will start to be your ally rather than a subversive adversary.

Make a commitment that you will start reading something from now on. It will help you to evolve as a better human being.

Ignore the cynics:

Stay away from people who contribute negativity in your life. You will hear voices that will call your goals and aims fruitless. However, you will be using these comments as inspiration to perform even better.

The happy by-products of discipline are self-control, success, self-respect, and improved physical and mental health. Cherish them!


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