Your Pink Moon Horoscope Is More Magical Than You Think

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Pink Moon won’t actually be pink. *Gasp*

So if it’s not pink, then why call it that? According to the Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans gave full moon names to help different tribes track the seasons.


In the case of the Pink Moon, which happens in April, it received this name because both pink moss and wild ground phlox are some of the first flowers to bloom during the season.

However, full moons hold incredible power and are said to even affect the way we act and how much sleep we get.

This specific full moon is said to resemble “The Green conquers the land until Flowers begin to bloom.

Mother Nature celebrates its resurrection with vivid colors. Another reason that Pink was picked for the April’s Moon is because it is also the color of Venus, the Governor of Taurus.”

It’s also said to have a pretty big impact on your love life (wink wink).


Here’s how you can expect for the pink moon to affect your sign. What’s in store for you?


Look forward to building stronger relationships, whether it be making new friends, getting to network and meet new people in your field, or maybe feeling more connected to your romantic partner. A lot of good is in store for you, so milk it, girl!


You might be feeling a little hesitant about something concerning those around you. Maybe you want to quit your job and find a better one. Maybe you want to tell your best friend that you’ve been in love with them for ages. Regardless, your heart is vacillating between going for the gold and staying put. With Venus in retrograde, it might be a good idea to not make any hasty decision, or it could cost you.


Be prepared for some perfect person to drop out of the sky. Okay, that might seem a bit dramatic, but there is a good chance someone sweet and unexpected is going to walk into your life. It might be a new hire at your job, a friend of a friend, or maybe even a new Tinder match. Regardless, there are some great love vibes coming your way.


Family means a lot to you by nature, and during this full moon, your family members are going to be playing a pretty crucial role. They will be prominent in your life during the month, but definitely on the night of the Pink Moon. Maybe you will be gathering for dinner with them, or might hear good news about a wedding, engagement, or pregnancy.

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It looks like you’ll be watching a bunch of meaningful relationships blossom right before your eyes. Whether it be meeting a new romantic partner, meeting a new group of friends, or starting a new job with really cool coworkers, you’ll be feeling happy and loved.


You have conflicting feelings about certain people in your life. You might be thinking about breaking up with your partner, ending a toxic friendship, or leaving some other aspect of your social life behind. It’s no wonder you’re confused, with Mercury still in retrograde and this powerful moon hovering in the sky. Think a lot about your decisions before you make any, and don’t be impulsive. On the bright side, your finances are (or will be) solid!


Since this is the full moon in Libra, of course, you’re at the center of everyone’s attention. Which means you’ll want to be careful about decisions you make. You might have people taking a closer look at you at work, so be on your best behavior. It also means a prospective partner might be eyeing you. If you’re on the prowl, be prepared for an overflow of Tinder matches and potential suitors. Get it, girl!


You’re focusing on yourself a lot right now, and that’s a good thing. Take this Pink Moon as a chance to treat yourself to things you enjoy: a nice dinner with friends, a bubble bath, or a great workout sesh. This time is the perfect one to sit back, relax, and take it easy. You might be working yourself to the bone and this Pink Moon is a reminder that you need to focus on your work-life balance a little more.

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You might feel like your friends have fallen away, or that you’re really craving a romantic relationship but can’t find the right partner. If you’ve been feeling lonelier than normal, it makes total sense according to the stars. Take this Pink Moon as a signal to go out there and meet new people. You might meet a new lover or a cool new group of friends. Be sure to have fun! You’ve been in recluse as of late, and you need to break the cycle!


If there’s been a lot of drama going on at work, this Pink Moon is a reminder that you should not engage in it. It seems like a lot of great things are coming your way in terms of your career, and that’s what you have your heart set on at the moment. You’re not too concerned with your love life right now and are really going after something that means more to you, be it a revenge body or a new job.


You, just like your fellow Scorpio friends, are working on yourself right now. You wanna do you, and that’s totally fine. Your love life isn’t at the forefront, but this Pink Moon means that you’ll be gaining some real self-love and care time. Things will clear from your schedule naturally and you’ll find more time for hitting the gym, hanging with friends, spending time with family, or just watching TV by yourself (which you haven’t gotten to do in such a long time).


Something might be nagging at you, and this Pink Moon urges you to listen to your heart. Whether you want to initiate a breakup because you’re not happy or want to admit that you’ve been feeling pretty depressed lately, this is the time to do it. You might be in denial about something, and this is the time to admit what’s wrong. Once you do that, you can work towards the things you really want, whether it’s a loving relationship, new job, or more money in the bank.

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