[lmt-post-modified-info]Signs of soul ties  – When someone comes into our lives, and we connect with them on a spiritual or chemical level, we develop a connection or “soul tie” with them.

These soul ties strengthen our spiritual interactions with that person and allow for a closer, deeper relationship.

However, they can also be troublesome when we develop unhealthy soul ties with someone.

Soul Ties Definition:

Soul ties are the spiritual connection we have with other people.

Some people like to think of them as strings of cosmic energy that link the soul to another, formed during intense spiritual and emotional intimacy.

It’s a helpful metaphor, but the truth is that the connection is far deeper than that.

In reality, it is a link in causation. The fabric of one soul can intermesh with the fabric of another, meaning that any changes that happen to one will cause effects for the other.

This tying together of souls will persist for a lifetime. Think of it as the sewing together of two pieces of cloth – the threads that hold them together can be very loose, allowing the two pieces to move around independent of each other.

But if the thread is pulled tight, they are both moved. If it is pulled tight enough, it becomes more difficult to see where one piece ends, and the other begins.

Soul ties work in this way but without the physical thread. As energy and causation connect our souls, making it become one.

How To Know If You Have A Soul Tie With Someone?

You can form a soul tie with anyone in your life as long as you have the following:

  • Intimate connection.
  • Emotional connection.
  • Spiritual experience.

In practice, we tend to form soul ties with those that we are closest to.

The primary people this happens with are our partners, family members, and close friends. They are the people we share our lives with, who know us best, and who we are most open emotionally.

Generally, the more complex and emotional the relationship you have with someone, the more likely it is that you are tied to them.

If you want to know for sure, then you can look for the symptoms of soul ties.

Signs of Soul Ties And Symptoms

So, whether you are trying to work out why you feel so connected to someone, or you want to avoid unhealthy soul ties from forming, you should look out for these eight signs of soul ties:

Healthy Signs

Signs of soul ties 1: They Excite You

We are wired as spiritual and social beings to absolutely love making connections. When we make any connection with another soul, the effect on us is usually positive.

We feel an intense surge of excitement, eagerness to explore this new person and all that they are.

So, the first sign of soul ties is butterflies in the stomach, nervousness, and feverish excitement.

Signs of soul ties 2: They Lift You Up

When you think about them or are with them, they make you feel like you can do anything.

They encourage you to follow your bliss and help cheer you up when you are down. Rather than bringing you down when they are down, they seek only to protect and elevate you.

As a result, you feel more confident when you are with them. They increase your self-esteem and make you feel like you can do anything.

Signs of soul ties 3: They Make You Want To Be More

Being around them fills you with the motivation to improve your life and engage in personal development.

More than that, they are right beside you during the process for as long as you want them there. And when you want to do it alone, they leave you to it with a parting word of support.

Be careful that you don’t mistake this with judgment. There is a distinct difference between someone making you want to improve yourself and someone making you feel like you aren’t good enough.

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Mixed Signs

Signs of soul ties 4: They Provide An Escape

When we are with the person, it feels like we are escaping our regular life and just getting away from it all.

This can be unhealthy if we are already in a relationship, as we can often put off solving problems within our relationship by distracting ourselves with someone else.

This is how a lot of affairs start, leading to more pain down the road.

Signs of soul ties 5: They Are Someone You Have Been Missing

When our souls connect, the feeling that goes along with it is usually tinged with familiarity.

That is, it feels like there was a gap in our soul that always needed this person, even if we didn’t notice before.

This is a trick of perception unless we have actually met a soulmate in which case that feeling is close to accurate.

People will often seek out people who can give them what they are missing in their current relationship, leading to unhealthy soul ties based not on wanting to be connected to someone but instead making up for the flaws in our existing relationship.

You Just Can’t Let Go

The defining property of having soul ties with someone is that it is complicated to cut those ties.

Whether the connection is good for us or bad for us feels irrelevant – it is a painful and challenging experience in every case.

Inherently, we have connected with someone and felt their spiritual energies, helping us to understand in a way the make-up of their soul.

Unhealthy Soul Ties

Signs of soul ties 7: They Inhabit Your Decisions

One of the signs of an unhealthy soul tie is if you feel their presence putting pressure on your decisions.

It is perfectly normal to think about others when you are making significant decisions that might affect them. However, if they appear as a sort of voice in your head, swaying your decision one way or the other, then this is unhealthy.

This kind of connection takes away from your personal power and drains your intent. You are negatively surrendering yourself, and this needs to stop.

Signs of soul ties 8: You Become The Worst Of Them

Everybody has flaws. Whether it’s a bad temper, a lack of self-control, addiction, or anything else, having flaws is normal and human.

What is not normal is having those flaws originate outside of yourself.

When you have a deep soul tie with someone who is deeply flawed, you can find yourself taking on those flaws yourself. You might find that you lose your temper more often, or you adopt their addictions or neuroses.

This is unhealthy. Rather than you helping them overcome their flaws, they are putting them onto you. No matter how painful it might be, this is precisely the kind of tie that needs cutting.

How To Break A Soul Tie

Breaking a soul tie can be a time-consuming and challenging process, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.

1. Acknowledge

The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that you are tied to this person. Without acknowledging this and accepting that fact into your soul, you cannot proceed with this process.

2. Take Action

Next, you need to take action. This follows the pattern of intent, where you set your intention with will and action. Both are needed.

The action that you take will depend on the exact nature of your relationship. If you still see each other, whether regularly or occasionally, or even speak over the phone, or by text message or social media, that needs to stop straight away.

Each interaction renews and strengthens your connection, creating more work in severing it down the road.

Once you have physical and verbal distance, you need to work on emotional and spiritual distance. This step is not so easy.

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One excellent tool for this step is meditation. Meditation allows you to view your own mind from an unemotional standpoint, examining your own thought patterns without passing judgment on them or identifying with them emotionally.

What you want to look for is the areas of your thought patterns where the person you are severing from pops up. These thoughts need to be adjusted and separated from the person before they can be separated from you.

An example might help. If you picture them alongside you when you imagine your future, then this is a problem. You should note this (without engaging with it) and seek to resolve this later on.

Once your meditation is over, you can take action. Note down what you want from your future, how happy you might be. Exclude them from it.

Any time you think about the future and imagine them with you, remind yourself of the happy future you created without them being a part of it. This will help to remove them from that part of your thought patterns, creating further spiritual distance.

You need to do this for every area of your life that they feature in. Create the distance, and the cutting of ties will come more easily.

Once you have reached a point where they rarely feature in your thoughts, it is time to move on to the next step – forgiveness.Signs Of Soul Ties

3. Forgive

This idea might sting you a little. In your case, you might think that they don’t deserve forgiveness, or even that you should be asking them for forgiveness.

Regardless of the situation, forgiveness isn’t about who was right and who was wrong. Forgiveness is about accepting the past in the present and moving on.

There are mental debts that exist between you. These are unresolved disputes, open cases that still matter to you. They need to be closed.

Some people might think that to do that; there needs to be a conversation. That is a mistake. A conversation only reopens other disputes and reties you to them.

Instead, simply close the cases. Forgive the debts. It no longer matters to you what they think; it only matters what you think. The matter is resolved as far as you are concerned, and whether or not they would agree it is utterly unimportant.

4. Purge

Finally, to sever the connection, you must purge your life of all reminders of them. If you still have some of their belongings, get rid of them. If you still have photos, get rid of them. If you still have gifts from them, letters from them, anything that reminds you of your time together, or the connection you once shared, get rid of them.

Once you have, the connection will sever itself. All that is needed then is a short time for it to fade from memory.

Unbreakable Soul Ties

There are some soul ties that you cannot break. This is simply an inconvenient fact of life.

These people are your soulmates. They persist with you throughout your life and through many lifetimes before and after.

They are your traveling companions through the universe.

Twin Flames, False Twins (karmic soulmates), and all the other Soul Group members are included. You will always be connected to these people.

This might be inconvenient, but this is true for a reason. Your soulmates exist to help you evolve, move you forward through the journey of life and consciousness, teach you about yourself, and progress towards a more enlightened state of being.

Unfortunately, the processes that lead to enlightenment are often painful, stressful, and challenging.


Feeling someone else’s humanity and spiritual state makes us feel deeply attached to that person and gives us a stake in their future happiness.

So those were the signs of soul ties that you might come across. Do you think you might have soul ties with someone? Have you managed to cut unhealthy soul ties and have advice for others?