An Alchemical Marriage is one of the Universe’s most incredible magic tricks!  

To be an alchemist means you have the power to transmute something ordinary into something spectacular in a seemingly mysterious way.

Some people are alchemists in their own right; others hook up with one or two people can form a union and become an alchemic marriage together. 

It is a union intentionally set for both of you to meet at a specific time for a specific reason. 

Once you face and engage in alignment, chakras to chakras, the spiritual and romantic energy between the two is a preview of the power you share.  

We experienced this power energetically for many years, and when our physical union did synchronize in August 2018, we escalated and shifted with the 5D. 

We accept our alchemic wedding vows, and the responsibility attached to them is a massive spiritual gift for a soul to receive.

Alchemical partners hate to be apart and stay together no matter how intense any lows they may experience. 

Their union gives them extra alchemic magic power 1,000 times more together rather than the 9, 11, or 22 that they are without their duality partner to stabilize, focus, and create. 

It is possibly the most revered powerful union among souls and also the most imitated.

A perfect conjunction, of intimate bonding of duality. 

The merge signifies the pure, deep harmony between coupled masculine and feminine alchemists. 

Their combined forces are needed and supported by the Universe for the greater good of humanity.

Alchemical Marriage Meaning

We, humans, have two main types—the male and female. Yes, there are others, but we will use a man and a woman to illustrate our point for this example. 

Modern notions have tried to make us believe these forms are separate from each other. 

That only feminine energy comes from a female, and masculine energy only generates for males.

This gender statement is not true as we have two polarities of energy running through our human meridian lines. 

One runs south to north in a loop, and the other runs north to south in a loop. 

They are yin and yang, dark and light, feminine and masculine; duality is in each of us. 

It is this same energy system that provides us with our Makeba energy chariot.

Also, don’t forget that we are neither male nor female at a soul level; we are both.

Our souls store feminine and masculine energy as one pure combined energy.

But back to being a human on Earth. We need a balance of the two depending on our situation. 

Without balance, a rift is created between our masculine and feminine and destabilizes our being. 

Disparity stalls our spiritual growth and sets us back, further from obtaining our goals.

The process of unifying and balancing is called alchemical marriage.  

Alchemical marriage is a soul-interaction that invites the sacred feminine to the sacred masculine.

As a result, we experience wholeness in our spiritual core, which raises our vibration, and transforms us into truthful lovers, honest friends, and parental role models. 

The practice of alchemical marriage isn’t new. 

The use of this ritual dates back to several centuries and has its roots entrenched in many ancient cultures.

Alchemical Wedding Meaning

Our alchemical wedding took place in the combined 5th-dimensional energy field when we met. 

In this natural cosmic union, one part yearns to connect and unite with the other part’s divine portion through natural attraction laws. 

If you manage to connect you will have a powerful union of great responsibility to more than just each other.

If inner spiritual and emotional turmoil is allowed to fester, one cannot muster the spiritual energy needed to find such a union. 

Unfortunately, not everyone will make alchemical status in their lifetime because of their blind sense of self.

Without realization, acceptance, and harmony of inner truths, the separation between masculine and feminine forms increases. 

That’s why we often find it hard to raise our vibrations if we let ourselves get out of balance with our mind, body, and soul trinity. 

Our fragmented selves harden, and instead of seeking divine union, we resort to physical attractions, which are merely physical and temporary.

How is Alchemical Marriage Expressed?

We express and honor our Alchemical Marriage by never taking the spiritual gifts we have for granted. 

When you are an alchemist, you bathe in the joy of gratitude and feel a deep soul love for ONE. 

We rise and greet the day with affection and gratitude for each other and everything. 

Our first joint alchemic expression of the day is cooking a delicious plant-based nourishing breakfast.

After breakfast, we take the time to Netflix and chill out together.

We have such peace; we are mindful to start our day with intention, and thanks. 

There is nothing better than soaking in a bath using aroma oils or taking a shower to renew our mental clarity and cleanse our auras.

We both mindfully honor and celebrate our physical vessels by submerging, aligning, and tuning our senses into the water and the vibration of oils. 

We like to treat ourselves better than a private butler at a 5-star hotel because the reward generates the effort every time. 

And so should you take the time every day to consciously celebrate and love yourself.

All these beautiful ways of expressing our union transmute the mundane into the extraordinary for us continuously.

Energy Transmutation Alchemical Marriage Expressed

We are aware of our energy transmutation; we feel and see the crackle of creative invention and possibilities charging with our growing love.

Images of husband and wife entwining and spiraling like two coils, skin to skin seemingly floating in mid-air, dominate history.

Their bodies are in a deep passionate embrace. This kind of picture and similar renditions tell us what an alchemical marriage should look like when you are in one. 

We can tell you that we don’t levitate together bent beyond our human flexibility. 

Still, it does paint an accurate illustration of the feelings we share. and the spiritual ritual it invokes. 

We physically and emotionally melt into each other in our combined energy field as if dreaming together.

We feel that we are floating as our chakras are spinning, powering up the energy wheels of alchemic gold thread from inside us. 

This combined energy fuels our business and keeps us protected and safe to fulfill our twin flame duties.

There are spiritual treasures to acquire, and the clues on how to gain them lie in the range of images cataloged throughout time. 

It reflects how we have evolved the magic of transmutation within our bodies all over the globe. 

The leveling up from carbon to crystalline, bringing humanity into the Golden age, allows more and more to become alchemists.

The energy is more obtainable now, more than ever before. 

There Are Clues In Other Visual Representations of Alchemic Marriage

Crowned Man and Woman with Sun and Moon

If they are wearing crowns and the sun is above his head and the moon above her head.

The man wears a garment with the color gold or red, symbolizing his solar characteristics, the woman wears garments of silver and white, which symbolizes the lunar characteristics.

It means these two are alchemists in their own right.

If Only One Has A Crown With the Corresponding Planet Overhead

If there is one self-actualized alchemist, they can merge with a worthy partner, and this grants the partner a crown and the power of alchemy.

This kind of spiritual gifting happens often with karmic partners. But only if one is already an alchemist.

Naked Couple 

There are occasions we do witness them naked, holding hands, or sometimes looking at each other with their yearning gaze.

When the couple was depicted naked, metaphorically speaking, it represented the bride and groom stripped bare of their ego.

A true representation of a couple accepting themselves and each other without judgment. 

Sometimes they have a bird symbolizing ”The Uniting in spirit”, which hovers above them, giving them the spiritual blessing of the revered union.

It meant together through the union; they acquire the power of alchemy to use together. 

Androgynous Figure

In some cases, we have also discovered that we might come across an androgynous figure that symbolizes the uniting of duality, which is the center of alchemical marriage.

The androgynous figure symbolizes both the masculine and feminine as one body.

This historical figure has a single body with the head of a man and a woman.

The androgynous figure can additionally be someone whose face can appear to be either masculine, feminine, or even both at the same time.

There were different ways the alchemists described the alchemical marriage, but in our opinion, they are much less the same as above.

Alchemical Marriage and Mystical Theories

We found other exciting information that the alchemical marriage was at the center of ancient and mystical theories.

The Chinese yin and yang sign illustrates the dark and the light. It is a balanced union alongside each other and shown within the circle (womb). 

In tarot cards, the alchemical marriage of duality is the card—The Lovers.

The appearance of the aforementioned androgynous figure comes up in mythology, astrology, and tarot.

In astrology and mythology, the Roman God Mercury and Greek God Hermes are also androgynous beings.

The ancient Egyptian Thoth has a relation to these gods too, so what’s the connection? 

Well, Hermes and Mercury are the later interpretation and incarnation of Thoth the Egyptian.

Alchemical Marriage And Twin Flames

The union of twin flames typifies the concept of Alchemical Marriage. 

Cosmic law dictates that we must renounce our identities before we can harmonize with our twin flames. 

This law doesn’t mean we can’t connect with our twin flames before this happens. 

It implies that before twin flames can cement their oneness, they must first deal with their ego and look at their karma to be ready for alchemical marriage. 

Unless these negative perceptions and emotions get fixed, the twin flames can get entangled in a “chaser/runner” dynamic. 

This kind of procrastination and unwillingness to be a better person will stop their access to alchemical marriage. 

Twin flames must learn to notice and change the negative vacillations within their beings. 

When they’re out of touch with their ego and fail to see its unpredictable tides, they’re unable to transform into the gold of their spiritual selves.  

When twin flames continue on the path of spiritual empowerment, there’s no reason to believe they will not reach the point of alchemical marriage.

The quota of united twin flames reached maximum capacity about two years ago. 

Spiritually there has been no need to gather anymore for the ongoing planetary cycle of changes we are experiencing.

Unfortunately, this has left many confused souls across the planet, wondering what happened to my Twin Flame Union?

Susan was born with spiritual gifts and is a master of many metaphysical techniques. Her extensive list of metaphysical tools is the result of practicing reading and healing many souls for over 30 years. She loves to read people and uses energy reading, tarot, numerology, graphology, astrology, I-Ching, EFT, and natural healing. She brings all these tools together and combines them with her natural psychic medium, clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts. Her experience in all things spiritual helps to bring a full understanding of self and soul to her private clients and readers.