What is the Alchemical Marriage? The Alchemical Marriage is the union of duality,  the most revered and possibly the most powerful union.

It is the perfect conjunction, intimate bonding of duality, and signifies the pure, deep harmony which occurs whenever the masculine and feminine elements of nature combine into one.

The Alchemical Marriage is Expressed in Many Ways

The first expression of alchemical marriage is when a naked man and woman are expressing a very passionate embrace which is entwining all the parts of their bodies.

In history, this is shown with the man wearing the crown of a king and the woman as the queen wearing a crown.

Other expressions in history show the man having the face of the sun and the woman having the face of the moon.

Some showing the sun appearing over the body of the man and the moon is shown appearing over the body of the woman.

It’s very common that we find the man and woman to be shown as sharing a loving embrace.

There are occasions we do witness them, which is shown both naked, both holding hands or sometimes looking at each other with their yearning gaze.

Once more in many of these instances, the man will be wearing the crown of a king and be depicted with having the face of the sun above his own head.

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Whilst the woman will be wearing the crown of a queen, always depicted with the face of the moon or even have the moon shown above her head.

In other scenarios the alchemical marriage is shown as the man and woman who are clothed in garments of magicians, tied together by some cord sometimes they have a bird symbolizing Uniting in spirit, which hovers above them, giving them the spiritual blessing of the revered union.

The man wears either garment with the color gold or red, symbolizing his solar characteristics and the woman wears garments of silver and white, which symbolizes the lunar characteristics.

I have also discovered that in some cases we might come across an androgynous figure which symbolizes the uniting of duality which is the center of alchemical marriage.

The androgynous figure symbolizes both the masculine and feminine as one body.

This is shown as a single body that consists of the head of a man and the head of a woman.

The androgynous figure can additionally be someone whose face can appear to be either masculine, feminine, or even both the same time.alchemical marriage

There were different ways the alchemists described the alchemical marriage, but in my opinion, they are much less the same as above.

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Another interesting information I found was that the alchemical marriage was at the center of ancient and mystical theories.

The Chinese yin and yang sign illustrates the yin and yang which is balanced and in union alongside each other, and shown within the circle (womb) In the tarots the alchemical marriage, the union of duality is shown as the card, The Lovers.

The appearance androgynous figure is furthermore seen in, mythology, astrology, and tarot

I have discovered that in astrology and mythology, the Roman God Mercury and Greek God Hermes are shown as androgynous beings.

The ancient Egyptian Thoth is also linked to these gods, so what’s the connection here? Well, Hermes and Mercury are the later interpretation of Thoth the Egyptian.