Are Empaths rare? You can be forgiven for thinking that they are everywhere with the number of people that are claiming to be Empaths these days.

Most of these people are mistaken, though they can be forgiven too.

Many of them are simply empathic which, while related in many ways, is not the same thing as being an Empath.

There are many similarities between these two groups of people, but that’s because they aren’t two separate groups.

Every Empath is empathic, but not everybody who is empathic is also an Empath.

What separates the Empath from the empathic is in the physical and metaphysical processes that accompany the emotional response.

Put in simpler terms: an empathic person can imagine vividly how they would feel in another person’s shoes, whereas an Empath higherfeels it.

They do not experience their own emotions as though they were in the same situation.

They tap into the emotional energy given off by the other person and feel their it is as they are feeling them.

This difference is very subtle, but it is also incredibly powerful.

Our experience of life, from our perspective, is entirely subjective.

No matter how hard we try, the vast majority of us will only ever see through our own experience.

But for those rare few, their experience of life includes the experiences of others.

It is both a gift and a curse because when they are untrained doing it is entirely out of their control.

These things cannot be said about empathic people.

The problem with separating these two groups is that our language is limited.

How an empathic person describes their talents and how an Empath describes theirs are often very similar.

The experience is defined the same way because of the limitations of language.

An expert Empath can usually tell the real deal from an empathic person.

How Rare Are Empaths?

Empathic people make up about 15-20% of the population – around 1 in 7 people. Empaths, meanwhile, only add up to about 2% of the population – roughly 1 in 50 people.

We have to take those numbers with a pinch of salt, though.

They are rough estimates based on the experiences of experts in the field, so they are necessarily based on limited sample sizes.

This means that the number of Empaths could be much lower, though it is unlikely it would be much higher.

So are Empaths rare? Yes.

How rare are Empaths? Not vanishingly so.

In a town of 10,000 people there would 200 of them. You probably know one or two of them, at least in passing.

But if there are multiple people in your friend group claiming to be Empaths, the chances are very slim that more than one of them is right.

Not impossible, but it is highly unlikely.

That at, if you live in a large city, then you could know many of these people!

One of the benefits of living in a big city is that there are guaranteed to be like-minded people somewhere around.

There are thriving communities in many cities around the globe and it is natural that they would gravitate towards each other.

Are Male Empaths Rare?

Are male Empaths rare? Seeing as the answer to “are Empaths rare?” is yes, it seems obvious that they would be and you are right.

But exactly how rare are Empaths who are male?

Female energies are far more aligned with social thinking, emotional connection, and empathy than male energies.

While most people have a fair balance between masculine and feminine energies, women do tend to have more feminine energy, and men tend to have more masculine energy.

It’s not always the case and shouldn’t be taken as a rule, but when we are talking about statistics, it is essential.

So women are more likely to have a better connection with empathy and are therefore more likely to be empathic.

The more people who are empathic, the more people there are that could be Empaths.

Because there are fewer strongly empathic men, male Empaths are rare.

A greater degree of emotional receptivity is required of men before they can claim this status.

Are male Empaths rare? Yes, especially so. But they do exist!

There are also fewer empathic men.

It is a problem in the broader society.

A lack of balance between masculine and feminine energies has ingrained itself in culture, leading to numbers of men who are unable to communicate their emotions effectively.

The sad thing is that this is very fixable and it would be of great benefit to do so.

Are Empaths Rare Abilities In You?

If you are wondering if you are genuinely an Empath or just empathic, then you should take a look and see if the following signs resonate with you.

People like to unload their emotions on you.

They say they feel much better after doing it, but you feel awful afterward and need some serious recharging time.

You feel the emotions of others. It is not just you imagining how they might feel, you actually feel them.

If a room has a bad vibe, you simply cannot bear to be in it.

You often leave parties and such because of this, but its not you being antisocial it is merely your powers being overwhelmed with stimuli.

You get sudden bursts of emotion that don’t make any sense.

They feel like they have originated outside of your body and belong to someone else entirely.

It happens more often in public than it does in private.

You can sense a lie every time.

Animals are as important to you as people. In fact, for you, the lines are blurred, as you can experience their emotions just as well as you can for people.

To you, there isn’t much of a difference.

You never pass by a person in pain.

It’s not a choice to stop and help, it’s uncontrollable, and in the moment it is the most essential thing in the world.