A deep emotional attraction is beyond physical attraction. It is not confined to how you look or how you dress, but it sees within you.

It is the attraction towards soul and mind. For the long-term continuity of any relationship, a deep emotional connection is vital because it needs more substance than the shallower attraction that lasts for only a few days.

If someone has a deep emotional connection with you, then it means you would soon be on the road to a healthy and a ‘live happily ever after’ story if you develop the same emotional association as well.

There are 9 signs of deep emotional connection that you can’t miss. If you find all or some in any relationship, then don’t run away and be ready to enjoy a blissful connection:

Happy Talk Times:

A person who is emotionally connected with you would love to spend time with you. They are delighted to talk, conversations that could last from minutes to hours.

Even when there is nothing physical, there is loads to talk about. Whether you talk in a cafe or on the phone, it is mostly a lengthy conversation.

You are First:

You are literally first in everything. There is no selfishness or personal gain. You and your needs are placed first. Your wishes are also paramount.

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Everyone Knows You:

A person who is emotionally connected with you won’t hide the relationship with you in front of people. From family to friends, everyone in their circle knows you and respects you as well. That person is not embarrassed by you and the things you do; there’s a sense of pride instead in whatever you do.

You are being Listened To:

You could speak your heart out. You are being listened to with full attention. Even though the person doesn’t talk a lot, but would happily listen to you.

Respect is There:

There’s a sense of respect. You and your ways are highly respected. When there’s an argument, the respect will remain the same. From work-related issues to the emotional matters, respect doesn’t change.

Physical Relation is Secondary:

It is not necessary that deep emotional connections don’t have romance. There is physical intimacy as well, but it is not primary. You, your emotions and your wellbeing are primary, and the physical relationship is secondary.

There are no Secrets:

When there’s a deep emotional connection, there are no secrets at all. Everything is present in front of you like an open book. The past embarrassing stories are also part of the daily conversation.

Patience is always There

Patience becomes the important factor in making any relationship run for a long time. In a deep emotional connection, a person would remain patient in the adverse time.  There is no haste at all.

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You Are Highly Cared For:

The emotionally involved person couldn’t see you in pain and give you the care that you deserve. You are highly cared for on an emotional as well as physical level. You don’t feel uncomfortable in the presence of that person.