Birch is not only a tree but an important symbolism to people who know how to interpret hidden meanings conveyed by objects.

Do you know the encrypted message behind dreams or visions associated with the tree?

Have you recently dreamed about wandering in a forest that constitutes of birch trees?

How about cutting or destroying a birch or watching a birch forest burn?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might want to decrypt the hidden message behind the dream by reading this article further.

A Brief History of the Birch Tree Symbolism

The history of birch tree symbolism dates back to many centuries ago in Ireland and many other countries in Europe that were associated with the ancient Celtic religion.

Druids who included magicians, wizards, witches, priests and soothsayers all perceived the slender hardy tree.

The trees thin peeling bark and bears catkins, which mainly grows in the northern temperate regions as a sign of a new beginning, new dawn, renewal, restoration, revival, regeneration as well what to come.

They foretold great things to come to people who envisioned or dreamed about the birch tree.

Up to date, the birch tree is still considered an important symbolism in various parts of the world.

Celtic Ties

It is  where the Celtic religion is still practiced, such as Ireland, Scotland, North West Spain, Galicia.

Decrypting the Encrypted Message behind Your Birch Tree Dream or Vision

Dreaming about the birch tree can be either a good sign or a bad one.

For instance, seeing birch trees in a dream can be a sign that you are going to experience a fresh, new start in any aspect of life that you are currently doing poorly in.

That might be your career, social life, finances, education, business, or any other.

Seeing any destruction of the birch tree, on the other hand, maybe a sign that the future renewal of an aspect of your life will only be temporary before you or the enemy destroys it.

Whether it is the career, social life, finance, education, business, or any other aspect of life that experiences restoration, the positive change will only last a few months or years before it goes away.

Signs of birch destruction in a dream may include, seeing yourself or somebody else cutting a tree, seeing a fire destroy the forest, etc.

What to Do about a Negative Birch Tree Symbolism

So what do you do if the message behind a birch tree symbolism is a temporary restoration before reverting to the previous state?

You should avoid all of the factors that may cause reverting after you experience renewal in your life.

If it is business, try to avoid repeating the mistakes that caused you to lose customers.

If it is education, try to stay clear of the things that previously hindered you, whether it is a bad company, girls/boys, drugs, etc.

Final Thoughts

It is my hope that I helped you learn much about birch tree symbolism through this article.

If you recently had a dream entailing the birch tree, with a sign of a fresh new start, that is awesome, and good luck.

However, if the dream signified a temporary restoration before reverting to the previous state, there is no need to despair.

Just avoid all of the factors that may cause reverting after you experience a renewal in your life.

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