A birthmark in your eye holds meaning that depends on what type of mark, the placement of it and the coloring – as well as which eye it appears.

Birthmarks have symbolism that finds its origins all over the globe. From them, you can tell the kind of struggles and opportunities you will face.

Having one of these markings is not usually a medical problem, and doctors say that there are no issues related to it.

They can look painful, but the person doesn’t feel the mark nor suffer any side effects relating to their sight.

With eyes being so spiritually important, there has been a lot of symbolism related to a birthmark in the eye and its meaning for those who have them.

Do you have a birthmark in your eye? Or does somebody you know?

If so, then read on for everything you need to know about the symbolism of this unique natural mark.

Birthmark In Eye Spiritual Meaning

A birthmark in your eye can have a spiritual meaning that relates to you and the opportunities and challenges you will face in your life.

The meaning changes depending on where the birthmark is, as well as its coloring and shape.

But all these birthmarks are spiritually significant for the reason that your eyes are the window to your soul.

In other words, natural markings on your eyeballs signify a trademark on your soul.

It means that they often have a link to your past lives.

Piercing Birthmark In Eye Meaning

The first type we are going to explore is the “stab through the eye.”

These birthmarks, as the name might suggest, resemble a piercing wound on the eyeball.

It tells you that you were assassinated in a previous life.

That might seem like a leap – until you know that a prevalent technique for assassination in ancient times was to wait until the victim was asleep and pierce through their eye and into their brain with a long needle.

While it would have been much bloodier and gruesome at the time, now it is a simple mark that marks your soul.

Having this birthmark means that you have a past wound to heal – and about as literal a past wound as you could get!

Of course, it is the spiritual trauma that you must overcome, which can manifest in this life as anxiety, fear of the dark, and insomnia.

Burn Birthmark In Eye Meaning

Similarly, if the marking is red, then you may have suffered burns to the eyes in a past life.

However, it could instead mean that you saw something that you wished you hadn’t in a previous life, which ultimately led to your death.

It can leave a wound on your soul that manifests as a chip on your shoulder.

It can drive you to feel threatened by the success of others and can cause you to become defensive when someone challenges your way of thinking or doing things.

Similar meanings apply if it is a reddish-purple, though this often points to poison or acid as the culprit.

It can result in poor health and a sickly demeanor.

Right Eye Birthmark Meaning

If you have a birthmark in your right eye, the meaning relates to your prosperity and drive.

It points to riches and wealth in your future. More than that, it predicts that you will not have to work very hard to get that money and success.

Whether through inheritance, a lottery win or a series of sound investments, you are in for a comfortable ride in terms of your standard of living.

Luck with prosperity will follow you around wherever you go, even spreading to those around you.

It may sound like a positive omen, but in reality, it is often a mixed bag.

While the opportunity of riches and success is abound, the challenge of being able to motivate yourself and provide drive limits your potential until you can overcome it.

That was the lesson of Midas and his touch.

You may be blessed with the Midas touch, but the price of gold is always high whether you’re working hard or not.

Some people come into money easily, but life isn’t all about money.

It doesn’t buy happiness or fulfillment, but it does give you the freedom to seek these things out for yourself.

Be careful not to take things for granted – and remember that sometimes hard work is its reward.

Left Eye Birthmark Meaning

If it is in the left eye, then it is a sign that you will have a lot of romantic partners – often multiple at the same time.

It is part of a general tendency to be adventurous and thrill-seeking.

You don’t like to think about the consequences of your actions before you take them, preferring to deal with them afterward (if at all).

While this is a good thing and adventure should be encouraged, you are inclined to overindulge yourself in your desire to explore new horizons.

It can be a problem when it comes to love and relationships.

The challenge this offers is for you to learn to settle down.

While you are dating and seeing just how many fish there are in that sea; it might seem like harmless fun.

Unfortunately, it is often far from harmless. The consequences just come later on.

Aside from the obvious problems of your partners finding out about each other, it is also a harm to you.

By dating multiple people and keeping relationships short, you are subconsciously protecting yourself from perceived danger.

However, you are keeping yourself from committing to any one partner.

While that might be fine in your twenties, as you grow, you will want to start looking for someone to spend your life with, and this approach will not do you any favours moving forward.