The black cat is one of the most famous omens across many cultures both eastern and western.

Although their reputation is one of bringing bad luck, there is a lot more to the spiritual message of the black cat than a simple bad omen.

In fact, the black cat can represent the good, the bad, and the strictly ambivalent.

To decide how to interpret the spiritual message of the black cat, we need to think about how the animal presents itself and how that made us feel.

Do Black Cats Bring Bad Luck?

In some cases, black cats do bring bad luck. But not in the way that you think.

The black cat doesn’t cause bad luck, but its appearance might foretell of bad luck about to befall you. It is more of a warning than a harbinger.

Typically, a black cat warns of bad luck if it crosses your path and acts aggressively towards you. It might hiss or growl, then flee.

This is universally seen as terrible luck.

But consider the message that the black cats gives us that we can take into our own spiritual lives. It is seen as bad luck to see one, so people try to avoid them.

Yet they still put their necks out to warns us of ill tidings.

This is a spiritual message of sacrifice and putting the needs of others over our own selfish desires.

Can Black Cats Protect Us?

For those whose spirit animal is a black cat or who are visited by black cats in their dreams, the idea of a black cat as a protector is not alien.

To everyone else, the idea might seem counter-intuitive.

But don’t mistake its aloofness for not caring. The black cat is merely independent and prefers to stay out of the limelight.

During times of difficulty, some people report being approached by a black cat who was being friendly and wanting to be petted.

This has been interpreted as a sign that spirit guides are helping to protect them against a coming danger.

The message in that is simple. Some of us are introverted and prefer to be alone. We might not always be around, but that doesn’t mean that we should shy away from offering help or that we don’t care about the fortunes of others.

Black Cats & Psychic Powers

Finally, the black cat is interwoven with the supernatural.

This has led many in the psychic community to adopt black cats as pets. They claim that the black cat amplifies their powers, that they are innately psychic beings.

But some simply identify with the black cat and what it represents. It lives alone, sometimes shunned by society, yet it thrives just as well as any other because it enjoys solitude.

Many psychics also thrive in solitude as they are away from the psychic noise we all produce.

Summing up, the spiritual meaning of the black cat is one of embracing the solitude in our lives and putting it to good use.

We all need time away, but we all need to be willing to step up when the going gets tough.