Through dreams, we have our closest experiences with the astral energies of the universe. By examining our dream life, we can unlock the wisdom locked within us and use that to guide us through our waking life.

Dreaming about blue eyes can have a variety of meanings, depending on how they appear and how they make you feel.

We’ve pulled together the most common dream interpretations for the meaning of blue eyes in dreams so that you can see what it might mean for you.

Blue Eyes Are Honest & Optimistic

Blue eyes are most often a sign of honesty and optimism.

You have embodied honesty lately, being true to yourself and others. It is paying dividends and will help other people to be more honest with you.bleu eye dream e1556259318955

This has made you feel more optimistic, or if it hasn’t then it should do.

The lighter the blue in the eyes, the more positive and optimistic you have been with your increased focus on honesty and integrity.

However, dark blue eyes can indicate a more blunt, harsh approach to honesty. While this is still better than dishonesty, ruffling feathers in this way is not the ideal approach.

Blue Eyes Cut Through Your Soul

Continuing the theme of honesty, dreams about blue eyes become most common when you are in a period of self-examination and ongoing improvement or development.

In this way, they represent you taking an honest look at yourself.

Again, lighter blues in the eyes tend to be more optimistic and positive, indicating that you are happy with what you see within yourself.

On the other hand, darker blues can mean that you have identified things about yourself that you are not happy hiding anymore.

The first step to fixing these flaws is being honest with yourself about them, so you have begun that journey already through your dreams. Now it is time to take that into your waking life.

Blue Eyes Imbue You With Confidence

Dreaming about blue eyes can also mean that you are growing in confidence.

For those who suffer from social anxiety or shyness, this is especially true. The blue eyes in your dream represent a growing optimism over your own abilities and in who you are as a person.

People who suffer from problems with confidence are usually externalising feelings of low self-esteem.

Blue eye dreams mark a turning point for you, helping you to think more of yourself and giving you the confidence, to be honest with others about who you are.

Sad Blue Eyes Represent Sympathy

feelings of sympathy.

Someone in your life is struggling, and you are feeling sympathetic towards them. This type of blue eye dream pushes you to reach out to that person and support them through a difficult time.

Encouraging somebody who is having difficulties in expressing their pain honestly can pay dividends for both of you.

They will feel better for having shifted weight off their chest, and you will feel rewarded for showing kindness to another.

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