Blue Ray Beings are the highly sensitive souls that are empathic in their nature. They came from the diverse ascended planets and light realms to the Earth. A Hebrew word “Shekinah” means “Language of Light” is a mentor to them. The Blue Ray Beings are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

The function of a Blue Ray Being on Earth is to set the stage for others alike to come. Together they renovate the DNA of humanity that has been damaged or mutated.

Blue Ray Beings have special spiritual powers, but many times their power is forgotten. Blue-ray Starseeds are sharing similar signs that make them stand out from others.

If you have these signs then you should know who you really are and what’s your true purpose is:

  • Ultra-sensitive towards everything in life and highly intuitive
  • Quieter than indigos and reserved as well
  • Connecting with higher realms is easy for you
  • Full of sacred wisdom and knowledge
  • Your appearance may seem mystical
  • Seems like star born, especially the old souls look unearthly
  • Empathic nature that makes others comfortable
  • Very adaptable and can even adapt the adverse situations like relationship issues and harsh environment
  • Creative art is your mode of communication
  • Highly expressive and feel to do so from inside
  • You know things and also how to hide them; you remain in the background and wait and watch to use your gifts at the right time
  • The words Star Born, Light Worker, Pleiades, Sirius feel quite familiar
  • The initial background doesn’t always mean to have to enlightened consciousness spiritual parents – lots of efforts and work are the needed to fill the genetic damage, family issues and emotional trauma
  • Stars and evolved planets seem more like a home than Earth
  • You don’t find the comfort of home on Earth and feel like your biological family is not truly yours
  • Energetically, you feel your alignment to Lemurians than to the Atlantians
  • You are not known for anger, but you are a peacemaker in your circle
  • You are a determined soul and don’t stray from your path; your consistency takes you to your destination
  • The ultra-sensitive nature also affects your sensitivity towards chemicals, environment, foods, electricity and noise
  • Water and air signs are the common signs of Blue Rays Starseed including Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Gemini, with Virgo influences
  • You have a dual nature – like the young soul, you want to enjoy life, your heart has desires to have fun; on the other hand, you also have a deep sense of old wisdom and knowledge and you know many things better than others
  • You are a combo of young and old soul
  • Chronic fatigue is the part of your life as lots of work is done when you continuously transform the negative energies into the positive ones
  • You don’t feel that other people understand you fully and thus you have difficulty in communicating with such people
  • You feel frustrated sometimes as others are not doing what they should do