Starseeds: Are You a Cosmic Traveller?

What Is A Starseed?

Starseeds are the highly evolved souls who have experienced life anywhere in the Universe including different planets, star systems, and galaxies. They always have a purpose and they might live many lives to achieve it.

In the other words, Starseeds are the souls who have lived past lives or experienced the higher realms; but now they are incarnated in the physical form and present on Earth. Their origination rooted in the star systems: Sirius, Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, Lyra and Andromeda.

Serving humanity is the major purpose of Starseeds incarnation on Earth. At a time, there could be many Starseeds present on Earth. These old souls have volunteered to make this world a better place. They bring light and knowledge to Earth.

Many times, not a single lifetime is enough to do the job and thus, they reincarnate again and again to achieve their mission. Sometimes, there work is global; while, other times, their task to bring light to the particular civilization and bring them out of the dark.

When Starseeds are incarnated on Earth, they bring the gifts of healing, spiritual education and channelling. Helping people is what they desire. Where and when a Starseed is born is preplanned. How that Starseed will help others and what would be his tools – everything is properly planned long before their appearance in the physical body. These projects are called life missions, and every Starseed has its own.

Starseeds are Humans on Earth:

Starseeds have physical form on Earth like you and any other person. They are born like any human and pass through all the birth stages but their souls are unique. These people don’t feel their home is Earth. They constantly feel that they belong to somewhere in the stars. Usually, they don’t feel connected to the human ways and they can appear strange.

It is not easy for the soul to achieve the physical form. In the process of attaining the human form, they need to pass so many veil of illusion and lower their vibration from higher self. During the progression, they even forget who they are.

They don’t know their origins, purpose, and hidden powers until they are awaken. They could totally forget their mission and why they have chosen to come to earth in the first place. The third dimension is highly distracting, and most Starseeds live many lives to know their identity in the first place.

Starseeds Awakening:

Reconnection to their star is essential for the Starseeds to know their origin. Living the simple Earth’s life wouldn’t connect them to the stars beyond and they need to do more. It is also necessary for them to complete their life’s mission.

A successful mission provides a sense of satisfaction to them, and that’s the common goal of all Starseeds. They learn a lot on this physical realm and even go through so many lives on Earth until their mission is accomplished.

Starseeds are born with no clue of the past lives and origin. But, all the Starseeds have the complete information present on their genes. When these genes are triggered and activated, Starseed awakens to know their original life goal and why they are incarnated on Earth.

Starseed Activation

The set of genes, which encodes the origin and mission information, could be activated in particular part of life on its own; or self-healing techniques and knowingness of inner spiritual power could trigger it.  When it’s activated on its own, the knowledge comes quite unexpectedly with lots of drama.

On the other hand, the awakening process becomes gentle and gradual when the soul selects a spiritual path to know where it belongs.

No matter which thing leads to the awakening process, the end result is always a memory restoration. But, how much memory would restore during a single awakening phase is dependent on the soul’s level of conscious awareness.

It could also depend on the life mission of the soul. During this process, the soul knows their mission and the tools needed to accomplish the goal. When they truly become conscious, they also connect to their higher self that further makes their mission easy by relying on their inner knowledge and intuition.

When the soul is fully awakened, there are no fears of the world. They become immune to them and can do what they are meant to be without any hesitation. When they become aware of themselves, they know their mission and they strive hard to complete it.

Lots of effort is required, but Starseeds are ancient souls and highly evolved, they know what to do and how to do it only when they fully understand who they are.

Starseed physical symptoms:

Other than normal characteristics and traits, Starseeds are different from normal human beings physically as well. Starseeds physical symptoms could instantly help you to know if you are one. It is not necessary that all the traits are present in the person, but most will be.

Sensitivity towards extreme temperatures:

Starseed are either highly sensitive to hot or cold. The ones, who like warmer weather, find it hard in the cold. On the other hand, cold tolerating Starseed are not comfortable in the hot weather. Their sensitivities are present by birth and will continue until the end.

Sensitivity towards Pain:

Here again, they are the extremists; either they can tolerate intense pain, or they can’t even bear a pinprick. Once they become sensitive, it will remain with them forever.

Strong Immunity:

The day-to-day viruses that harm human bodies could occasionally be able to make them sick. They usually have strong immune systems that keep them safe. Although, there’s a very little chance of them countering any disease; but when they do, they recover fast. It is because of their origin and evolved souls that diseases are not able to produce any harm to them.

Sturdy Body:

Which body type they have doesn’t matter. They are always strong from inside. The healing power of their bodies is also very fast. It heals injuries and strains in no time. It is not necessary that they always look strong, but they have great inner strength that helps them always at the time of need. Their body can withstand epidemics to harsh weathers.

Unknown Bruises on Body:

Many Starseeds get bruised quite easily without remembering how they get that mark. They are unable to recall from where they got them. These marks are usually prominent enough to be noticed by others as well.

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Strange Birthmarks:

Starseeds are usually born with strange birthmarks. They also could have distinctive moles on the body. Many times, the appearance of their birthmark has a special design or shape. They might seem unfamiliar and out of this world.

Nature Lover:

Animals and plants make them feel more comfortable than their fellow human beings. They like to spend time with nature. Sometimes, they become attracted to a particular kind of tree; in most cases, willow trees become the favourite. Starseeds are not fond of artificial lights as well and find peace and coziness in the sunlight only. Animals also seem attracted towards them; they feel comfort and calm.

Above average hearing

Their hearing power is better than the average person. As they can hear above average, loud sounds can disturb them easily. Now and then, they can hear high-pitched sounds in one or both ears. When the soul is heading towards ascension, it becomes a common occurrence. These high sounds are present with tingling sensations and increased head pressure. This condition doesn’t last long and might go away on its own within days or weeks.

Extreme Sensitivity Towards Alcohol and Medicine

Starseeds have the tendency to be highly sensitive towards drugs, alcohol and different types of medicine. Some cannot bear it, while others have high tolerance.

As there’s an enhanced chance of going towards substance abuse, Starseeds should avoid the use of these things in the first place because they only keep them away from reality and knowing their true life purpose. When they become more awakened, they crave for chemical substances less.

Being Night Owls:

Starseeds feel good and find peace at night; they are night owls and stay up at night more than their similar age young adults. When the Starseeds sleep early at night, something wakes them up in the middle of the night for no reason, especially around 3 am.

Their sleeping patterns are not like other humans. They can even perform at full by taking less sleep than the average person. However, there are times in Starseeds lives when they sleep more than their normal and feel extreme exhaustion; it is also necessary for their spiritual growth.

Types of Starseeds:

Depending on the star of their origin, Starseeds could be different from each other. But their main aim is to help Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Types of Starseeds are as follow:

Take our fun quiz to check what type Starseed you are.

Sirian starseed:

Sirius is the multi-star system having more than one sun. It is the brightest star that can be seen with the naked eye. It is 8.7 light years away and known as the dog star of the constellation Canis Major.

Sirius plays an important part in humanity’s future. Souls which are originated in Sirius are known as Sirian Starseeds. They are originally our ancestors with their old cultures and dwelling on earth longer than humans. Mayan and Egyptian Civilizations used to be their homes. Their connection with the Dogon of Mali is also very well known.

Sirians are advanced

Their metaphysical sense is quite advanced. They were responsible for providing highly advanced astronomical and medical information to the Egyptians. The temples and pyramids of Egypt are their gifts; within them, they built tunnels that are connected to the inner worlds and stars.

Mayan also took the benefit and gained advanced knowledge. They were there and helped us at the time of the catastrophic period in Atlantis. Aura work and crystal healing come from the Atlantean knowledge and provided by Sirians.

The Dogon of Mali had advanced knowingness of Solar system especially the Sirius star system. Even though their knowledge was thousands of years old, scientists claim that it is highly accurate.

Highly evolved

Sirians today are highly evolved souls with the incline towards positivity. They want to help Earth and its dwellers in any possible way. They are more spiritually advanced than any civilisation on Earth and known as ‘Spiritual Warriors’.

As compared with other Starseeds, they are very different because of the mixed traits. They seek truth and want to know the answers to many things. The magical aspects of life attract them a lot and they are inclined towards magic and wizardry. But, their nature is scientific. From mind, they want to make science miracles, but their heart likes the wizard and magic world.

When it comes to friends, their circle is small. They don’t open up to people instantly and hide their emotions and feelings. Building trust in others is complicated for them. Art, writing and music are also their areas of interest.

Arcturian Starseed

The Arcturians are fourth and fifth dimensional and highly evolved as compared with our third-dimensional world. At a particular time, millions of Arcturian souls dwell the earth. Mostly, they comprise of the younger generation. Their origin goes back to the Arcturus star located in the Boostes constellation. This star system is considered to be extremely old; but, Arcturian Starseeds incarnation in this world is quite recent. From our solar system, Arcturus is about 36 light years away.


Arcturians are very intelligent beings; they are the critical thinkers by birth and appear like leaders. Their nature is quiet and they don’t open up to others easily. Anger is their primary emotion known. As other Starseeds, they also have particular work on the Earth. They are the builders and planners of a new society. Their innovative nature not only helps in structuring but also building proper systems that benefit humans.

Arcturians are physicists, architect, community planners, mathematicians, system designers, musicians, and geometry artists. They want to experiment new things and implement their ideas.  The Arcturians want the humans to enter fourth and fifth dimensions as well and teach them to raise their frequencies of vibrations. They are known to be the protectors and guardians of the higher consciousness not only on earth but in the whole universe.

Orion Starseed

The location of the Orion constellation is in the Gemini.  It is visible from all over the world. In Greek mythology, the name Orion means the hunter.  Orion Starseeds are not that old, and most of them came to Earth somewhere between the 1960s and 1990s. They are here to help humans by being one of them. But, Orion souls are present as the spiritual guide as well on earth.

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Orion Starseeds are secure of their character and beliefs. They are the curious souls and like to ask so many questions. They thrive to know the inner wisdom of whatever comes in their way. People around them often get surprised by their questions.

Seekers of the truth

They are the seekers of the truth. But their habit of asking too many questions also makes them unlikable in their circles. They can’t control it, and curiosity doesn’t allow having them peace until they get the right answer.

A robust and healthy body with dark eyes and hair are the genotypic traits of Orion Starseeds. They usually remain healthy and don’t get affected by the diseases of the world. Orion operates from a place of duality which allows them to be egoist along with being an enlightened species.

There’s a strong inclination over competitions like sports; they always want to achieve perfection. They know their dual nature and accept it without changing it. Emotionally, they are weak and thus become self-centered. They also lack the actual understanding of other’s emotions when they are teaching their ways.

Pleiadian Starseed

The origin of the Pleiadian Starseeds is the Pleiades Star Cluster. They exist from dimension third to ninth. Pleiadians are known to provide the genetic model for the human development. They have nurtured many forms of life on Earth. They had guided Atlantis and Lemuria. Energy healing techniques are among their lessons that are being taught to the human world.

Pleiadian evolved millions of years ago; they are among the early races known by this Universe. Pleiadians are empathic, nurturing, communicative, imaginative and mystical. They are the healers and use light for this purpose.  They not only nurture the human race but many other planets in the Universe.


Since Lemuria, millions of Pleiadian souls are embodied on earth. Their main aim is to remind us our association with the Source consciousness. Pleiadian Starseeds are the healers and heal without even knowing.  They are highly sensitive beings and extremely instinctual.

Pleiadian Starseeds have empathic natures, and they are also really good at communication. Other souls feel joy in their presence. The feminine strength is more prominent in Pleiadian and thus, most of these Starseeds are females having outer and inner beauty. These souls love nature; and animals also feel calm when they are around. Pleiadians like to spend time outdoors with the trees and mountains. They have the ability to reflect back the purpose of any soul; they even help them in their mission.

The profession they choose is often related to the care of the world and its inhabitants. Professions of healing, communications, spiritual mastery, child care, and psychology are their favorites. As they care for the world a lot, they also go in the fields related to ecology to save the ecosystems. They volunteer in the services whenever the human world needs help. They like to help in whatever way possible.

Lyrans Starseed

Lyra is the small constellation with the bright star Vega. Cygnus, Hercules and Draco border Lyra. In the whole Universe, Lyrans are quite ancient. They exist in the 4th dimension and are 32,900 light years away. They incarnated in other star systems as well including Earth. Lyrans were the first ones to seed our universe. They are said to be associated with the feline body; even in the human form, they have cat-like eyes and nose.


Lyrans are known for their knowledge in genetics. They are the root race of human beings and made the human genes. They also taught Atlantic and Lemuria about physical energy and its use. Using their vast knowledge, they have created many machines and devices that improved the lives of humans.

Lyran Starseeds are the travellers. They love to know the world more. Physical activity is also their thing, and they are mostly athletes and perfect in their fields. Their survival skills are also unmatchable. Their intuition is also quite accurate, and they can easily rely on it. They are the walking lie detectors and can easily differentiate between a fake and real.

Negative traits

When they descended on Earth, Lyrans developed some negative traits; but they were perfect in Lyra. They are highly lovable creatures, but their anger is really harsh. When they know how to work with their energy, they are confident; but when they don’t, they become highly self-conscious.  They can be impatient, jealous and moody at times. Change makes them happy and they don’t want to remain in the single place.

Andromedan starseed

Andromedans are our galactic neighbors and located in our nearest galaxy – the Milky Way. The Constellation of Andromeda is the origin place of the Andromedan Starseed, which is located only 2.5 million light-years away. Andromeda Galaxy becomes highly visible in the night sky when Vertex star in the Andromeda constellation is located. Their dimensional perspective is from 3D to 12D.

Helping humanity

Since the first form of human life on Earth, Andromedans helped humans in many ways. As compared with the other Starseeds, Andromedan souls are not very common on Earth. The count of Andromedan starseeds lays around 800,000 only. Their life is modest having very little of Andromedan energy. The frequency difference between their galaxy and our galaxy is huge, that’s why very little amount of Andromedan souls had come to the Earth and turned into the physical form of humans.

Andromedan Starseeds are warriors by nature and perform supportive roles for Earth masters. They don’t seek attention but can affect others in their presence. They possess too much inner strength and many times, don’t know what to do with it. Their primary mission is to connect and open new galactic energetic trails between the two galaxies. They often love freedom and travelling.

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