When we meet a person, we witness two forms of energy connections: spiritual ties and psychic cords of attachments.

The former one holds the energy of care, wisdom, compassion and other qualities. It contains all the good times that we have spent with the individual.

On the other hand, the psychic cords carry the negative energy patterns of any relationship that include bad experiences, painful thoughts, fights, arguments, etc. It is that form of energy that only hurt us when the time passes by and doesn’t leave us till our death.

Both energies are present all the time, but if the second one plugs deep root into our mind, we continuously live that alter relation again and again until we learn how to break free from unwanted psychic cords.

You should immediately break free from unwanted psychic cords if they are engulfing you. Cutting the psychic cord doesn’t mean to end the relationship, but it is the removing of negative part only.

Break Free From Unwanted Psychic Cords

You can follow the following instructions to break free from unwanted psychic ties:

1. Make yourself comfortable by sitting on a chair

2. Take deep meaningful breathes to know what lies within

3. Feel the light and energy around you

4. When you feel ready, think of the person with whom you shared that unwanted psychic cord

5. Invite them to your subconscious space

6. In this place, you are not vulnerable to any form of negative energy and that person cannot harm you

7. Sense the position of that cord in your body; most psychic cords having powerful impacts are present either in heart, stomach or throat

8. Visualize the area having the cord

9. Now follow the cord back to its source; you will get to that person in your subconscious space

10. There could be more than one psychic cord

11. Sense the cord; whether it was a lovely memory or a terror of argument?

12. If the cord has positive energy, appreciate the time you spend together

13. Sense the negative cord that you want to destroy by giving time to each cord

14. Once, you get that unwanted psychic cord, visualise a tool to cut it down from your base to the source

15. Burn the broken cord in the fire

16. Request the person to leave your space

17. Come out from your deep meditation state slowly

18. Repeat this practice till you set yourself completely free from that unwanted cord

Remember that, to break free from unwanted psychic ties is not an easy job especially when it has deepened its roots in you.

To achieve this goal, it is essential to go into the meditative state where your connection with the physical world is cut off. So, it is recommended before you start any of this practice that you should meditate daily for at least 15 minutes in a silent place.

Calming your mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and then visualising your imagination require lots of time and practice. If you want to break free from your unwanted past then mastering both of these things is important.