Whether or not you can fix a karmic relationship depends on a few major things, such a complex system has many factors.

But on a purely surface level, it largely depends on what you mean by “fixing” a karmic relationship, and to what degree you are willing to settle on the karmic scale?

The answer is “yes”, a karmic relationship is fixable but only if you are willing, to be honest, and do the work needed to shift the low energy back into a high vibration of acceptance and love.

Can You Even Fix Karma?

The pressures of this new reality and modern life don’t always afford us the time it takes to fix and heal with the people who we keep running into lifetime after lifetime.

However worldwide conditions have afforded many couples living together with a safe space for this transformation to occur.

If one party or both has made the relationship toxic with karmic abuse due to their own inner wounds, then they are lucky at this time to fix and heal.

The receiver, usually the more empathic of the two will be left trying to release the karmic ties and restore them back to the loving beautiful relationship you once had.

Original right paths for many have been set back on track and soul growth and awaking have flourished during this time, mainly through this fixing and healing.

Why do I need to fix my karmic relationships?

Fixing a karmic relationship is the crucial first step you must take if you want to set up space and an energetic dialogue for karmic healing.

However hard and painful it can be, personally we can recommend sticking with it.

There is no time like the present to take control of your karmic destiny and transmute it into pure soul healing.

If we want to raise our soul energy we need soul cleaning for the spiritual acceleration needed to comfortably merge with the new 5D reality so many of us are experiencing.

Following are some of the do’s and don’t’ you should keep in mind if you are set on the path of fixing a karmic relationship, be it with a romantic partner, a friend, family member, or anyone else you know.

1. Send Out Positive Energy

When your karmic relationship is on the rocks, try to remember the other person’s good deeds and personality traits.

Remind yourself of why you feel the way you feel when spending time with this person.

Think of how the issues between you have hindered you and reimagine the same scenario but with a positive outcome.

This can be pretty hard to do, especially after a fight, for instance. This is your chance to fix what went wrong.

Imagine them smiling at you, and you feel their love and acceptance, the issues between you dissolved. Stay in that energy of love from them and to them.

When feeling only love towards this person you will see the story of your relationship in your mind’s eye, unfold the way you always wished it would.

It can be hard to budge your ego into sending out positive thoughts of love and not ill-wishing this person, but rewiring the connection to flow with love and not hate is a perfect start.

It’s a significant step to ensure the karmic relationship fulfills its purpose.

2. Accept Your Faults

Acceptance, of others, can be easy, but what is hard is accepting yourself. And that is why it takes a second step to revisit acceptance purely with your own mind and who you are.

If you want to keep growing and healing from your karmic relationship, you must acknowledge and accept your mistakes and flaws.

Monitor your inner voice and endeavor to keep this awareness to stop yourself from slipping into old behaviors that no longer serve you.

This is one way of ensuring you stay on the receiving end of personal growth and healing that generally comes from a karmic relationship.

3. Be the First to Make Amends

Karmic relationships usually involve intense feelings from your soul connection and have the power to trigger you like no other.

If you are in an intimate karmic relationship, expect them to be loaded with fiery passion and deep emotions that are designed to make you bare your soul.

If ever those emotional waves and connections suffer damage make sure you bury your pride and focus on the love, allowing that to bring you back into alignment with each other.

To keep the karmic connection from becoming toxic allow those connections the freedom to be raw, free, passionate, and non-judgemental.

Don’t play the blame game; accept your side of things and apologize as soon as you check yourself and see your faults.

When it seems too hard, make sure things don’t resort to giving the silent treatment.

Cutting the love flow strengthens the karmic connection, the reverse of what you are trying to achieve.

Furthermore, before you apologize to your karmic tie, do so in your heart.

Truly realize what you’ve done wrong and feel the regret, remind yourself that you don’t want to feel like that ever again.

Understand that your bad actions made you feel bad and it is up to you to stop the bull and clear your heart and soul.

That is the most honest form of apology, and it begins with self-forgiveness.

4. Own Your Own Emotions

Some fail to remember that they are the only ones responsible for their part in forging negative lines of communication.

We call this the ‘individual’ part of a karmic relationship and often refer to it as owning your own s#*%.

It’s a space for both involved to grow and trial new ways of thinking and behaving individually without hurting the other. 

As you explore new high-energy ways of turning yourself around you gain skills and strength of character.

Getting to this point “individually” means you can turn your negativity around into positivity when you feel yourself slip backward.

It is beneficial as each can advance at their own pace, without hurting and exhausting the other.

To fix it, make sure you’re taking responsibility for your own emotions and not waiting for the other to emotionally rescue you. 

This doesn’t imply being emotionally unavailable for each other, but just that it is better to do as much inner work as you can as much as you can.

When you are a better you, it encourages and inspires the other to do the same.

5. Heal and Let Heal

Karmic relationships also involve a high degree of change.

The feelings, unequaled connections, makes both individuals entwined in a karmic relationship want to change certain things about themselves.

By using these introspective methods in points above, especially numbers 2 and 4, individuals are granted the gift of sight into each other’s pain, and seeing their point of view then wishes to end the cycle.

Hurting each other by going into the past and cursing the other with hard judgment during this emotional transition may upset the intense heart chakra attraction between you two.

6. Put in Self-Work

Fixing a karmic relationship is among the last straws of healing your soul.

This type of bond opens past wounds, rehashes past trauma, and brings it all back so vividly that it adds more karmic strings.

So, once those burdens are brought back and thrust upon your shoulders, you have to do more than just carry them.

The whole point of a karmic bond is to make us more aware of unhealed karma and heal from it so that we can become our most authentic selves.

Take the time you need, but make sure to heal and grow from that past unhealed karma.

7. Don’t Make Unrealistic Expectations

Although this is true for every relationship, with a karmic one, it’s slightly more complicated.

Coming to terms with past unhealed karma can be overwhelming.

You might feel your partner shouldn’t have opened that can of worms, bringing the unhealed karma to the surface.

In such times, remember the purpose of this relationship.

Don’t expect your soul to be healed instantly.

But also, don’t expect your partner not to bring up the past or to hold your hand while you sit there thinking of how to deal with past wounds.

If you’re already feeling this way, remind yourself of your karmic partner’s role in your life.

They’re a blessing in disguise. Don’t associate any negativity towards them in such cases.

8. Be Patient

It might seem overrated, but patience is the key to fixing any relationship.

If anything, a karmic bond deserves all the more patience.

It’s when late-night talks might bring up harsh memories, past trauma, mistakes, etc.

You’ll need to be kind and loving towards your karmic tie when they experience the gut-wrenching release of pain they are holding.

When we feel free to let our hurts and greatest soul sobs out with another the karmic supply shifts and heals.

This intimate space of loving and supporting each other sets a calm narrative and ensures you both heal the bond so it can start to fulfilling its purpose.