Cosmic Connection Between Lovers

You must have heard people saying, “They’re a match made in heaven.” The cosmos decide our destiny long before we even start to crawl. Vital and organic events run their course because they want to edge us closer to our cosmic partners.

This union makes us feel something we’ve never felt before. You feel an uncanny sense of familiarity with your cosmic partner. You feel as if you’ve known them in another life and on a different plane.

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Even if indomitable sinister powers try to separate you, you always find a way back to each other.  It all seems a little surreal but, trust me; it’s not. A cosmic connection between lovers is only formed when we follow our gut feelings.

Your intuition is a magnificent thing. It doesn’t follow a well-structured scientific method, yet it guides you to destinations that define your whole life.

It secretly propels you towards people who mark your destinies. That is why it’s important sometimes to take a leap of faith and plunge fearlessly into places where our wild hunches are guiding us to.

So, if the cosmos have our best interests at heart, then why is there a cornucopia of failed relationships? There’s always a reason behind the failure.

A big picture we subconsciously overlook. The cosmos can bring us closer to our partners, but we have to maintain relationships. We must do our part in order to advocate the cosmos. We cannot force anyone to treat us with kindness. When a relationship ends, we lose hope in divine intervention.

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We feel as if we’re sentenced to eternal damnation. We must realise that unsuccessful relationships are only a learning curve. They help us grow spiritually so that, one day when we meet our cosmic partner, we are able to strengthen our bond with them.

We make so many mistakes in relationships, and end up blaming ourselves. But pouring blame never helps. It’s imperative that you learn from these mistakes so, you deem yourself worthy enough to unite with you cosmic partner.

Cosmic relationships are meant to reassure you, calm you, and provide you with an unprecedented sense of inner peace. This can only happen if you and your lover are spiritually evolved and understand the dynamics of relationships and most importantly life.

When you finally accept your flaws and imperfections, you are ready to proceed to the stage of following your heart. When you do things by heart, you pour love into them.

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That’s why they almost always fill you up with inner satisfaction. Cosmic relationships are no different. When you’re in a cosmic relationship, and you exhibit subservience to your deepest desires, you strengthen the cosmic relationship with endless love.

Remember, love is not a superficial manifestation. It’s something embedded deep inside you. If you want to pave a path to your cosmic partner, listen to your heart, and follow your instincts without hesitation. A cosmic connection between lovers is worth the hassle.

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