Almost everyone has asked themselves the question:

“Do I have psychic abilities?”

It is usually followed by an attempt to use the force to get the lottery numbers to win millions of dollars. An effort that invariably fails.

But some people do have latent psychic abilities that are just waiting to be discovered.

If you want to know if you might have psychic abilities, then look out for the following signs.

You Have A Powerful Intuition

Do you always follow your gut because you know it is going to be right? Do others ask your opinion on things that you have no experience with, but you still give them good advice?

These are examples of a powerful intuition, which often points to latent psychic abilities.

You Have Scarily Accurate Premonitions

We all dream about the future, but it is very likely that those dreams are just dreams – for most of us.

But for those with latent psychic abilities, dreams and visions have a funny way of coming true.

Of course, things don’t always go as you envisioned. For that, you need training.

Dreams Come Vividly

Psychics and those with psychic abilities are often the most vivid dreamers.

A natural ability to lucid dream is also a sign of psychic abilities, as this is something that requires more significant control over spiritual energies than most can ever hope to have.

You Are An Excellent Judge Of Character

If people often ask what you think of new people, knowing that you are excellent at rooting out the bad apples, then it might be that you have psychic abilities.

It stems from several sources. Strong intuition, premonition and telepathy all play a role in this subconscious judgement of character.

Natural Psychometric Powers

Psychometry is the act of seeing the history of an object and all of its previous owners. Usually, it requires a psychic to hold the object and concentrate their powers.

But even untrained psychics might have some latent psychometric powers, and having them is a reliable indicator that you have a whole host of other psychic abilities ready to be unlocked.

You Experience Mind Connections

While it is improbable that you will be able to control full telepathy without training, an increased ability to form mind connections with people is likely to be a sign of psychic ability.

Sound Familiar?

If these signs sound familiar to you, then you probably have latent psychic abilities ready to be uncovered.

You should decide whether or not to embrace these powers.

If you do choose to, then joining a psychic community and asking for help with your abilities should be your first step.

It is good to make friends with other people who share your talents, as a support circle is essential when developing them.

And remember – this is all perfectly natural. These gifts make you unique in an extraordinary way.

What you decide to do next is entirely up to you. It can be exhilarating, so go forth and expand your spiritual powers.

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