The Anahata is the groundswell of love. It is the meeting point of your positive energies ― to bring about the feeling of intense and perpetual oneness.

It is the spiritual core of your being and provides you with prodigious powers of harmony and affection. It grants you inner peace and instils in you the ability to accept love in all shapes and forms.

Once you cleanse your heart chakra of all impurities, you can experience life in all its glory. Your eyes develop the capability to revitalise the dilapidated parts of this universe.

Your perceptions face a significant shift. You no longer reside in the shadows of darkness and self-hatred.

Shimmering light drifts you towards a new world ― one that can fulfil your spiritual deficiencies.  However, before you achieve this exalted spirituals state, you must first bear certain spiritual side-effects.

Side-effects of the heart chakra

When your heart chakra is opening, you experience intense grief, depression and other mental difficulties, because your spiritual being is purged off its impurities.

These contaminants were the precursor of your negative energies. They disrupted your ability to love.

For you to unleash the powers of your heart chakra, you must first learn to understand and handle the effects of sorrow and gloom.

You must acclimatise yourself to the changing winds of your fears and insecurities, and learn to love yourself and others around you under unfavourable conditions.

That is the reason why, whenever your heart chakra is opening, you undergo intense mental and physical pain. You feel as if you are shedding layers of your skin.

The life energy tries to break down the walls of impurities around your heart chakra, and during the process of breakage, you feel restless, exhausted and out-of-sorts.

Your heart palpitates and throbs, jumps and jolts, and your blood pressure vacillates between highs and lows.

Even when you take proper medication, the symptoms don’t seem to go away.

The neighbouring organs, such as the lungs and kidney might also get affected by the awakening of the heart chakra, depending on the severity of your awakening.

Anahata has a direct correlation with your mental behaviours.

You feel isolated and aimless during the awakening process because you are discovering a whole new world inside of you ― one that’s much more interesting and peaceful than this materialistic world in which your being has always resided in.

You finally muster up the courage to let go of abusive relationships and manipulative people in your life and leave jobs that fail to fulfil your spiritual needs.

The Anahata awakening has numerous physical and mental side-effects, but they’re nothing to be alarmed about.

After successfully enduring them, you can reap the gifts of your suffering. You can finally feel what it’s like to see the world for what it is.

The illusions of this deceptive world will no longer shroud your eyes once you’re spiritually ascended.