How to come back from astral projection? It is a question asked by many people who are afraid of this out of body experience.

Their fear is warranted because there are many misconceptions present today related to returning to your body.

For many, astral projection is highly dangerous because your soul might get stuck in some place, without knowing the way back to your body.

Other people say that negative energies could take hold of your body when you leave it for longer times and could not let you in; both of these concepts are pure lies.

Getting back to your body isn’t a hard thing. In your astral form, you can do it whenever you want.

It is not something to worry about. To understand how to return to your body, you must know about silver cord first.

What is a silver cord?

The silver cord is the valuable link between your soul and body. It is the cord that guides you back to your body when you are in astral form.

It projects out of your body and remains connected to your astral self.

The silver cord is extremely durable. It is not like a thread that when someone trips over it, it snaps, cutting off the link.

The properties of the silver cord are as follows:

  • Highly durable
  • Can stretch to any length –there is no limit at all
  • You can not cut it, even if anyone tries
  • Can’t be torn or tangled
  • Never be broken
  • It’s the purest form of energy that can’t be eliminated or removed
  • It can only move from one place to another

With all these properties, one can be sure that there is no way that your connection to your physical body can become weak when you are in your astral body.

The link between both bodies will remain stable and intact all the time when you are in your astral form because of the silver cord.

How to come back from astral projection?

The answer to this question is straightforward: follow your silver cord.

Wherever you go into astral projection, your silver cord will mark the way.

When you are done with your work on the astral plane, you can always go back to your body by following the cord.

When you are in astral form, there is no matter and no time and even no distance.

You can walk, run or fly with the speed of light. To get back to your body, all you need to do is to think about it to get to it.

Getting back to your body is the matter of single a second only.

It is not about how well you know the astral plane or your way back home. Your soul knows the way.

It is essential that before you astral project, you clear your mind from all kinds of negativities.

When you do so, you will get no trouble in getting back to your body. You will find your way instantly.