For some people, psychic abilities just come naturally. For the rest of us, developing our innate psychic abilities comes with spiritual practice.

It can be a long and involved process, which puts so many people off.

However, some techniques will help to speed up your unlocking of the psychic power within, that you can use to develop psychic abilities as fast as possible.

1. Find A Community

Our strength as human beings lies in our social structures. The connections between us feed our souls with cosmic energy, which is vital for developing psychic powers.

You can speed up your development towards becoming a psychic by finding like-minded people to connect with.

Not only will you benefit from the positive energy atmosphere, but it’s also always helpful to have other people to talk to about the journey.

2. Practice Telepathy All The Time

Telepathy is the most uncomplicated psychic ability to practice because you can do it any time!

As your powers develop, your energy centres expand to hold more cosmic energy.

To speed up this expansion of your abilities, you need to be constantly using them.

It’s great if you have a partner because you can practice on them, telepathically calling their name to see if you can get their attention.

But you can practice on anybody. Start simple with just trying to get people’s attention before moving on to more complex thoughts.

3. Meditate Daily

I know, you want to develop your psychic abilities as fast as possible, and meditation sounds slow.

But a consistent meditation schedule will expand your psychic abilities at a steady rate. It’s essential for you to feel you are making constant progress to stick with it.

Besides, many other benefits of meditation will help you with other techniques to develop your psychic powers.

4. Improve Your Mental Power

Psychic abilities are mind powers, originating in cosmic energy but linked through your brain and your senses.

Therefore, improving your mental power is vital to skills like clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy.

Brain food is a must while developing your psychic abilities. Fatty fish is often recommended, though you could just as well go for blueberries, dark chocolate and nuts.

Also, you might also keep your brain active with puzzles and games. This is a much better use of your spare time than looking at a screen and can be far more rewarding.

5. Take Control

The best way to speed up your psychic development is to take control of yourself and your life.

Living with intent turns your cosmic energy from purely internal to partly external, a crucial part of psychic development.

By keeping yourself to a high standard and going after the things you want, you transform your cosmic energy into a tool to be wielded.

From that, all other psychic abilities can spring.

From clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to electrokinesis and telepathic communication, it needn’t take a lifetime to unlock the power within.

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