Lavendar of the Starseed Hotline has identified the Starseed marking for the Pleiades in the most remarkable way. These findings are profoundly astounding for all those who want to gain the benefits.

It is not a single days work, and decades of exertion brought forward the celestial body aspects in birth charts having Pleiadian lineage. Her work offers the key to know about your Starseed origins that helps you understand more about you.

Pleiadian Line Up occurs when the Sun and the Earth line up with the Pleiades. This phenomenon takes place two times in a year, the first time on May 17-19 and the second time on November 17-19.

During the Pleiadian Line-Up, people incarnate from the Pleiades. Not only that, but other alignments of the Pleiades with other celestial bodies also lead to it. By looking for certain specific Starseed markings and keenly analysing birth charts could tell about the Pleiadian influences when you are incarnated or born.

Lavendar’s work recognised these planetary aspects as the indicators for Pleiadian lineage:

25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer and Capricorn.

Other than these, 0 degrees Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo is another Pleiadian Starseed alignment.

The planetary origin of Pleiades makes people highly sensitive, incredibly loving and super kind. They want peace and long for it. They are the seeker of happiness overall; they want to remain happy and want to see others happy too. Their energy is smooth and allows them to enjoy joy whenever possible.

As Pleiadeans are highly sensitive, they are very emotional beings.

They usually don’t show much of their desires as they want others to remain happy and do things for their happiness. For this reason, they sacrifice their own wishes many times. Also, they don’t like to be criticized.

Hiding the feelings leads to deep-seated resentment.  They don’t openly show anger but show passive-aggressive behaviour. They want others to notice that change but many times, their efforts go in vain as people don’t understand them fully.

Anger, stressed environment, tension and arguments make Pleiadeansn physically sick. As they don’t show their emotions, it may lead to the energy blockage; this what makes them physically ill in such situations.

Pleiadeans’ faith is strong. They know their connection from the very beginning if not, they have sensitive a nature that makes them different from others from their childhood.

They are inclined towards spirituality and want to know all the answers. When they grow spiritually, there are no energy blocks anymore, and they can peacefully live their lives in the way they desire.

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