Everybody has latent psychic abilities as a benefit of being a human soul.

However, most latent power goes to waste as people don’t know how to harness it.

Getting in touch with your psychic abilities can open up many avenues of opportunity for you.

Don’t know where to start?

Here are some things you can do today to help you get in touch with your latent psychic abilities.

1. Meditate Every Day

The power of meditation cannot be stressed enough.

It is the primary way we can access the energies that power psychic abilities.

For most people, this involves peaceful contemplation, mindfulness and mantras.

However, many people prefer to take their meditation rituals out into nature!

A long walk through the woods or around a lake can be as meditative as sitting in your sacred space at home.

2. Practice Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to sense things about a person or event by holding a related object.

Doing this is one of the more natural psychic abilities to practice as a novice because it only requires you to be able to verify any predictions you make.

You can do this at home with the help of a friend.

A more interesting way is to go to an antique fair and practice on the objects there.

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Introducing variety helps to accelerate your rate of progression.

3. Practice Detecting Auras

One key skill any budding psychic must have in their toolkit is the ability to see auras.

Luckily, there is a very simple way to practice this!

You will need to get a friend or family member to stand in front of a plain, light-coloured wall (ideally white).

Stand roughly 8-10 feet away and concentrate your eyes on their third eye, which is on the forehead just above the brow and between the eyes.

You are trying to look through them essentially.

As you do so, a thin line of colour will appear around their head, slowly coming into focus. That is their aura – well, a small part of it anyway.

4. Polish Your Clairaudience Skills

Clairaudience is sometimes described as “psychic hearing” and is one of the core clair- skills every psychic must be comfortable practising.

Developing your clairaudience is best done during quiet moments where you would otherwise be staring at your phone.

Try to tune out all the obvious sounds and concentrate on the background noise that you would normally ignore.

Pick out the individual sounds and try to identify them.

Eventually, you’ll be able to hear things coming before they’ve even made a sound!

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5. Remember To Rest

Finally, remember to give yourself a rest every now and again.

Developing and using your psychic abilities can be exhausting, and through a lack of experience, you will accumulate negative energies in your aura.

Alongside regular healing meditation, you should also ensure that you are not overusing your psychic abilities.

Doing this can get to the point where your energies are running out, as this can compound a negative energy buildup.

It wi ll also slow your progress – not to mention the other problems this can cause you in general.

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