Everyone is a born psychic – but as time passes, some understand this gift and practice to develop it; while other people, stop paying attention and leave it behind. Developing psychic ability is like learning any other skill in the world, but it requires the special tool of belief.

Spirits are always around us. They are seeing us and even want to help us when there is the need. Now and then, they even send us signals of the forthcoming event, but our inability to decipher their symbols makes their efforts go in vain.

You can take the message from the spirits, but the question arises, “how to open yourself up to spirits”? When you start to practice this art, remember that it takes time. It is not something that you develop quickly.

How to open yourself up to spirits?

The spirit world is like radio signals; they are present in the air, but you can only detect the frequency when you tune into the right channel.

Here are simple techniques that will open you up to spirits:

Intention Plays the Part

A positive intention is a necessity when you want to proceed with any process. Set your intentions that you want to connect to the spirits. It is what you are about to do, and you are confident that you can do it.

Open Up Yourself

To receive the spiritual message, you need to open up yourself. The best way to open your mind to all the possibilities is through meditation. Meditate daily to receive the higher vibrations. The first thing is, your mind should be silent and free from the materialistic world. If you practice meditation for a few days before going to connect to the spirit world, it might be more helpful.

Perceive with Open Mind

Observe the messages you get from the spirits. They can be present as a symbol, a vivid dream, a song, a particular number, or any unexplained coincidence. There can be more ways to get the message, but you need to open your mind to see clearly.

Make a Reading Screen

There should be someplace in your mind as well where you can receive the message. Your reading screen makes the message viewable. Create a reading screen by using your mind’s eye and let its cord connect to the centre of the earth.

When you feel ready, ask what you want to know from spirits. The answer could be in the form of symbol, colour or literal, depending on your power. The first thing you see will be the answer.

Use All Your Senses

Your five senses plus the sixth one should be highly active to receive the message. If you have any evident ‘clair’ ability, it is much even better. Seeing or hearing clearly means you can sense the energy shifts in no time.

Notice your Dream

The easiest way to connect to the spirit is by asking them to come in your dream before you go to bed. When they come in your dream, you will surely wake up right away after the dream. You need to remember what you have seen. If it is possible to write, do it. This will help you to interpret the dream in the morning when your mind is fresh. You could see colours, words, people, and symbols.