Psychic abilities are beautiful and powerful gifts, we all have these psychic senses within us. You may have the gift of being able to communicate psychically, and often we do it not knowing we are using these unique gifts.

The question most people ask is, how do I control or practice it making them work better or having the ability to take advantage of it when we want.

Now you have probably already practised making your clairvoyant abilities better since this is a subject only psychics and mediums know, you may have given up and left it to chance. I am going to make this easier for you in this article.

How To Practice Clairvoyance?

Before we begin, I want you to reflect back on how mediums and psychics use their clairvoyant abilities, one of the important things they do is remain calm, when you stay calm you are more confident in your clairvoyant abilities. If you are not able to make a psychic connection, then calmness makes it that much easier. Now to bring peace to your natural aura, it helps to meditate. This is the most important step to make your clairvoyant gift better.

Meditation makes you a more confident and calm person. According to Psychology Today, meditation boosts your self-control, it changes your brain for better by increasing grey matter. It also improves your productivity and makes you wiser.

Do you see how meditation is beneficial to you and your psychic ability? Now let’s make a 90-day commitment by meditating 15 minutes a day. Why 90 days? This time frame allows you to commit to it on a daily basis; then the process becomes natural to you.

Tip: When you are meditating, often people push thoughts away and clear the mind which is great. However, for this exercise I want you to allow ideas to come to you naturally, don’t push them away just let those thoughts be present.

Let’s explore other ways you can improve your clairvoyant abilities:

Clairvoyance, which means clear seeing. We have two physical eyes; we also have another eye known as the third eye which helps us to see. The third eye is the gateway to other realities and higher wisdom. By cleansing our pineal gland and awakening our third eye chakra, we can see better.

Psychics and Mediums use clear seeing differently, a psychic picks up images, information of other people or souls. A Medium picks up images and information from discarded souls.

Practice Visualising:

Some people have a problem visualising; you should practice visualising things you do every day, like for example walking up to your front door, opening it and walking through it, you know what your front door looks like, this should be easy for you.


Setting an intention before doing any clairvoyant work is a good idea, do you intend to communicate with a discarded soul like a loved one or a spirit guide? Or are you intending to do psychic work by picking up images of other human entities?

You set that intent which you are trying to communicate with. However, you can also use clairvoyance to see the future, the past or even other realities which involve seeing rather than communication.

If you are astral travelling or remote viewing, clairvoyance is part of it. You still see with the minds eye.

Being clairvoyant is when the images are coming to you, either by picking them up or through creation. Clairvoyance is clearing seeing; you are picking images from people, other places or a deceased loved one.