Spiritual connection is real. It is the connection of soul that lets you know about the other person without taking the help of modern technology.

It is an improved method than the new modes of communication as it is faster and even tells you about the untold emotions without any interruption. Overall, it transmits emotions and feelings without using any words or gestures.

The question arises here: how to spiritually connect with someone far away? Or can I do it? What are the essential tools to connect spiritually? Anyone could develop this power with simple practice and firm faith.

Trusting your abilities is must in this matter. From sending a single thought to initiating the whole conversation, you can do anything. You can do it any time any day.

There’s a possibility that you have this spiritual connection and you don’t even know yourself. For instance, you have thought about a person and the very next moment you get a call from them.

Or when your loved one is in trouble, you get the instant urge to call them. These are the examples of unintentional contact, but you can do it intentionally as well.

Here is the simple exercise that would help you to spiritually connect to someone far away using the astral plane.

  1. Choose a quiet and comfortable place to initiate the exercise
  2. Sit down in a cosy position and close your eyes
  3. Take 10 deep slow breaths
  4. Imagine a person with whom you want to get connected
  5. The more accurate you imagine the person, the clearer will be the communication
  6. Think about their physical features
  7. It is necessary that you ask their permission to get connected to their higher self and you should tell them that you mean only good
  8. Now you have to trust your instincts for the feedback; if you feel the resistance that means you didn’t get the permission – in this scenario, leave right away and start the exercise some other day again
  9. If you feel that there’s something opening within you, that means the answer from that person is yes – it will lead to the opening of the communication channel which shows that the other person is ready to receive the message
  10. Now you can freely open yourself and share your thoughts with the person that you are unable to tell in the physical realm
  11. Ending the exercise session is up to you, and how you end it is also in your hands
  12. You can say goodbye or hug them or do whatever you like
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It is highly essential that you are at peace with the person with whom you want to get connected spiritually. If you are not then this exercise might not be beneficial for you.

Although, it is the silent mode of communication, but it is better than other kinds of methods as it doesn’t involve any fakeness and pretending. It is the soul to soul connection that is free from worldly things.