Indigo Adults are the now adults who were once Indigo Children – that is, people born with an indigo life aura.

Indigo Adults are creative, intelligent and rebellious. It is thought that they are humans with ancient souls and that they may, in fact, be Starseeds.

Regardless of the truth of this – there is much disagreement! – what is certain is that Indigos are a special bunch, with a stronger spiritual connection to higher dimensions of consciousness than non-Indigos.

This innate attunement to the higher dimensions of consciousness, and the enhanced spirituality that goes with it effects the physical appearance of Indigo Adults.

And though we should never judge someone solely on their physical appearance, some aesthetic cues can tip us off that a person is an Indigo.


The most striking physical characteristic of an Indigo Adult is in the eyes.

A lot of Indigo Adults have intense blue or green eyes. In fact, over the course of their lifetime, an Indigo Adult may find that their eyes grow in intensity and take on a more crisp, sky blue colour.

It is also common for these eyes to be deep set and wise. The Indigo Adult has those kinds of eyes that appear to have borne witness to many lifetimes and collected centuries of wisdom.

Light Coloring

The light-bearing energy within the Indigo Adult can also bring out a light colouring.

This can manifest as blonde hair, or simply blonde streaks in darker hair. It can also exhibit in skin colour, though this is not be confused with race – race has no bearing on this at all.

Lightening of the skin over time is common in Indigo Adults.

Try to take in the whole image of someone, the hue they boil down to. With Indigo Adults, that hue will be lighter.


Indigo Adults can also be very difficult to place age-wise.

They might appear to be much older than they are, developing the look of middle age early in their twenties. But they might just as well reach their forties without looking like they ever left their twenties.


Though not universal, many Indigos experience illness or physical disability.

This can mean that an Indigo Adult might appear sickly or have weight problems, or they may be wheelchair bound due to some physical disability – perhaps with the spine or legs.


Much more commonly, Indigo Adults tend to blur sexual lines and upset the idea of a gender binary.

This is easily explained. The old souls that Indigos possess have experienced many lives, both feminine and masculine.

Over time, this binary has settled into a close middle ground, meaning that their masculine and feminine energies are far more likely to be in a tight balance.

This also speaks to the natural tendency of an Indigo Adult to rebel from what they see as an arbitrary gender binary.

Uniquely Dressed

And this rebellious streak also comes out in fashion.

Although not technically a physical characteristic, we often notice how someone dressed before anything else.

And when we see someone who bucks the norms of fashion, in clothes, haircut and makeup, there is a good chance we are seeing an Indigo Adult.