Whenever you are preoccupied with someone’s thought, you’re actually connecting with them.

Think of everything regarding waves and frequencies, and you’ll understand telepathy better.

When you’re thinking about someone, you’re actually emanating waves of a particular frequency from your brain.

These waves can spread to far-off distances, touch lives, convey emotions and do so much more. The possibilities are endless.

If you have a deepening thought about someone, there is a massive possibility that your ideas and your concerns about that person are well-received on the other end.

That is why telepathy is so essential. It does not care for the constraints of space and time. Its reach is limitless.

Your lover can enclose himself in an isolated room, and yet your mind can still find a way to reach out to him.

We can disseminate love, diffuse ideas into someone’s mind through our mind waves.

That’s why sometimes; we have an abrupt change in mood when we’re suddenly hit by a wave of sadness or happiness. We can’t seem to comprehend the reason behind this change, but a simple explanation is telepathy.

Signs he is thinking about me

Does he think about me? That’s the questions everyone wants answering. Well, if you experience the following signs, then he might as well be.

If you’re unable to anticipate a thought, then this unexpected surprise is his doing.

Occasionally, we’re just lounging or reading a book, and suddenly, we feel as if someone has given us a telepathic kiss or hug, and we feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We feel an instant need for them. We get Goosebumps and a twinge of lovesickness burning up our insides.

If you sense a foreign feeling, thought that you feel as if it did not originate in your brain, you are most certainly under his telepathic spell.

Environmental triggers are also crucial in affirming if he is thinking about you or not.

If you’re visiting a place where you made fond memories with him, and this place evokes certain emotions and paints his mental image inside your mind, then it isn’t a telepathic connection.

Your surroundings are stimulating these thoughts. However, if you feel engrossed in his thought in the absence of an environmental stimulator, then he is trying to connect with you.

Time spans are also an indicator of telepathy. If you find yourself thinking about him twice or thrice in a single day or even more than that, then it means that he is craving your presence, and he can’t help but telepathically love you.

You’re both sending your thought waves across a mind bridge that you’ve both constructed yourself, through uninterrupted telepathy.

If his telepathic connection with you is insanely strong, then he can even stimulate sexual feelings in you. You might feel turned on or irresistibly drawn towards him.

Is he thinking about you? Well, the above signs answer your question.